PD-LD provides direct replacements for Zarlink devices

OCTOBER 6, 2008 -- PD-LD says it is now offering direct alternatives for Zarlink Semiconductor devices that have recently been discontinued, allowing equipment manufacturers to continue to offer their products without having to redesign legacy product lines.

OCTOBER 6, 2008 -- PD-LD Inc. (search for PD-LD), provider of Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) technology, today announced it will offer direct alternatives for Zarlink Semiconductor (search for Zarlink Semiconductor) devices that have recently been discontinued. PD-LD offers drop-in replacement components to alleviate the need to change existing printed circuit boards.

"These discrete drop-in components provide a replacement solution for companies that relied on Zarlink products," explains Tom DeBerardine, director of sales for PD-LD. "PD-LD is pleased to be able to offer these components so that manufacturers will not need to discontinue production of their existing products."

Zarlink products that have been discontinued include 1300-nm LED transmitters and photodiode receivers, both of which are designed for operation with multimode optical fiber and used in a variety of applications for analog and digital transmission.

PD-LD's products are available in four varying receptacle styles that are compatible with industry-standard fiber-optic connectors. These components are used by a wide cross section of industries, including communication equipment manufacturers, test instrument producers, video transmission equipment builders, and sensor makers. The components will allow equipment manufacturers to continue to offer their products without having to redesign legacy product lines, say PD-LD representatives.

"These drop-in components are just two among the many hundreds of products that we currently offer, but they are important for customers who rely on this technical approach," notes DeBerardine. "We are dedicated to making sure that our customers can continue to build the same parts they've always built without interruption."

PD-LD has produced replacements for Zarlink products in the past, recently including WDM duplex devices. Discontinued Zarlink part numbers and corresponding PD-LD part numbers are as follows:

Zarlink Part Number -- PD-LD Part Number

MF431ST -- PS13L030ST73-B-0
MF431SMA -- PS13L030SM13-B-0
MF431FC -- PS13L030FC13-H-0
MF431SC -- PS13L030SC13-H-0

MF432ST -- PDINP075ST73-Q-0
MF432SMA -- PDINP075SM13-Q-0
MF432FC -- PDINP075FC13-W-0
MF432SC -- PDINP075SC13-W-0

WDM duplex device:
MF699 -- PW13ST
MF799 -- PW85ST

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