Blink Communications selects Meriton Networks' 3300 OSM

FEBRUARY 15, 2008 -- A new DWDM network from Meriton allows facilities-based data-communications carrier Blink Communications to meet explosive demand for dedicated, highly secure bandwidth services.

FEBRUARY 15, 2008 -- Blink Communications, a facilities-based data-communications carrier, says it has launched a distributed dedicated wavelength service as part of its suite of managed data transport services, using Meriton Networks' 3300 Optical Services Multiplexer.

Strategic focus on the service layer and network optimization has afforded Blink's end customers the ability to continually consolidate and scale their data and network services into a single cohesive architecture.

Blink says its wavelength services will allow for dedicated carrier-grade Ethernet up to 10 Gbits/sec, available in point-to-point and multiple point-to-point configurations. The service will augment Blink's existing high-bandwidth capabilities, enabling new data, Internet, voic,e and video applications as required. Most companies use this technology to interconnect their Storage Area Networks. Blink claims it has built its own diverse fiber facilities into most of the major data centers throughout the greater Toronto area, interconnecting SAN environments for companies of all sizes as custom network offerings. This service and related experience has lead Blink to create a more accessible distributed cost effective model for the general business market.

The service has been deployed over a new 400-Gbit/sec DWDM network, utilizing Meriton Networks' (search for Meriton Networks) 3300 Optical Services Multiplexer (OSM) for its flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and simplicity of operation, confirm Blink representatives.

"Blink Communications' insightful approach to data communications actively anticipates the needs of businesses of all sizes and allows them to leverage the latest voice, video, and data service advancements--as they need them," notes Mike Pascoe, president and CEO of Meriton Networks. "Meriton's Agile Optical Networking solutions were developed with these requirements in mind, and we look forward to supporting Blink as it continues to expand its customer base and service portfolio. Our Agile Optical Networking solutions are a good match for innovative carriers like Blink Communications, who need flexible, scalable options that allow them to customize their services to win customers in a highly competitive market," he adds.

"This launch was a natural progression for Blink," notes Troy Hare, president and COO of Blink Communications. "We have seen a trend over the past couple of years towards a more responsive and focused provider. We have always excelled in providing our customers with innovative networking solutions and support. Creating a distributed model was in line with our core strategy and would cost effectively allow our customers to use a technology that was once reserved for carrier backbone applications," he says. "This introduction was primarily at the request of our customers."

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