Reflective fiber grating

Aug 1st, 1996

Reflective fiber grating

Reflective fiber grating for wavelength-division multiplexing systems operates in the 1550-nm region. Housed in a temperature-compensating package, the narrow-bandwidth all-fiber grating filter serves WDM optical-transmission systems, fiber laser wavelength selection, semiconductor external cavity laser wavelength control and wavelength calibration. The grating design provides 25-dB typical reflection at the center wavelength, with transmission losses outside this wavelength as low as 0.1 dB. The package offers wavelength stability of 0.035 nm from -20° to +80°C, with a maximum polarization-mode dispersion of 100 femtoseconds and a central wavelength Fwhm of 0.36 nm. The pigtailed package is available with PVC-cabled fiber and APC connectors and in other wavelengths.

Melles Griot

Irvine, CA

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