Optical multimeter measurement heads

Nov 1st, 1996

Optical multimeter measurement heads

OHM-6722B and OMH-6727B measurement heads for the OMM-6810B optical multimeter measure optical power from -40 to +30 dBm (0.1 microwatt to 1W). Both measurement heads provide simultaneous wavelength measurement for monitoring laser diodes or tunable sources. OHM-6722B measures laser sources from 400 to 1100 nm. OMH-6727B covers 950 to 1650 nm and is available with fiber adapters. Both heads measure power with ۭ.5% accuracy and wavelength to ۪.5 nm. OMM-6810B has a six-digit, high-resolution display and is available with an optional ieee-488.2 gpib interface.

ILX Lightwave Corp.

Bozeman, MN

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