Distributed-feedback laser diode

Sep 1st, 1996

Distributed-feedback laser diode

FU-68PDF-1 distributed-feedback laser-diode module incorporates a polarization-maintaining fiber pigtail. The 1.55-micron oscillating wavelength device features a maximum impedance of 25 ohms and is supplied in a butterfly package. The device also contains a thermoelectric cooler and an optical isolator. Spectral linewidth is typically 20 MHz. The narrow spectral-width laser diode is specified at 4-mW optical output from the fiber end. Forward current is 150 mA, and reverse voltage is 2V. The photodiode for monitoring is rated at 20V, with a forward current of 2 mA. Threshold current is typically 12 mA (40 mA maximum), with an operating current typically 55 mA--90 mA maximum. Typical op er ating voltage is 1.3V, and optical output power from the fiber end is typically 2 mW. Cooling capacity of the laser diode is 40°C, with 1 ampere current and 2V voltage consumption at 40°C cooling. The laser diode operates from -20° to +65°C and can be stored at temperatures from -40° to +70°C.

Mitsubishi Electric UK Ltd.

Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK

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