Bandpass wavelength-division multiplexer

Jun 1st, 1996

Bandpass wavelength-division multiplexer

Eight-channel bandpass wavelength-division multiplexer suits dense WDM applications. This bidirectional unit is used for narrowband, 20-gigabit communications systems, optical-fiber amplifiers, video dial tone and cable-TV applications. Its filter has a wide passband, allowing relaxed laser wavelength tolerances. Individual filters are cascaded and assembled in a single housing and are epoxy-free in the optical path. A minimum 25-dB channel isolation is guaranteed over the eight wavelengths, with channel spacing of 3.2 nm. Typical insertion loss is 4.5 dB, directivity is 60 dB minimum, and optical return loss is greater than 55 dB. This 136 ¥ 96 ¥ 9.6-mm device features a maximum optical power of 250 mW and maximum tensile load of 5 newtons. Operating temperature is -20° to +60°C. The multiplexer is priced from $1000 per channel in production quantities.

E-Tek Dynamics Inc.

San Jose, CA

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