WDM for fiber-in-the-loop

Apr 1st, 1996

WDM for fiber-in-the-loop

The GCA-90-0399PC pigtailed wavelength-division multiplexer incorporates a multiquantum well 1310-nm laser-diode emitter and an InGaAs PIN photodiode detec tor optically filtered to operate at 1550 nm. The GCA-90-0406PC pigtailed WDM contains a 1550-nm laser and a 1310-nm InGaAs detector. Both multiplexers allow full-duplex transmission on one 9-micron fiber at data rates to 1.2 Gbits/sec. The lasers are Fabry-Perot multiquantum well devices and are aligned to singlemode fiber using aspheric lenses for optimum coupling efficiency. Coupled fiber power of 1 mW can be supplied via a typical operating current of less than 30 mA. Minimum responsivity is 0.5 A/W. The laser and photodiode are electrically isolated from the pigtail housing, yielding an optical crosstalk better than -50 dB with the use of a dichroic mirror and additional filtering of the photodiodes. The package size is 19 ¥ 13 ¥ 9 mm and has two M2.5 threaded holes to allow mounting onto printed circuit boards. Pigtails are 1 meter long and are supplied with FC/PC connectors. Other fiber lengths are available. Operating temperature is -40° to +85°C. The multiplexer pair is priced from $600, with delivery from 2 to 4 weeks or 8 to 10 weeks, depending on quantity.

GCA Fibreoptics Ltd.

Witney, Oxon, UK

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