Eblana Photonics expands ultra-narrow linewidth laser diode range

JANUARY 26, 2009 -- Eblana Photonics Ltd. has introduced a 1550-nm, 200-kHz emission linewidth laser to expand its existing EP1550-NLW-B Narrow Linewidth product series.

JANUARY 26, 2009 -- Eblana Photonics Ltd. (search for Eblana Photonics) has announced the introduction of a 1550-nm, 200-kHz emission linewidth laser to expand its existing EP1550-NLW-B Narrow Linewidth product series.

Eblana says this addition to its product portfolio provides a 50% reduction in guaranteed linewidth over its existing narrow linewidth products and will provide designers with even further scope for maximizing system performance while taking advantage of the benefits provided by the company's low-cost manufacturing platform.

In addition to its guaranteed ultra-narrow linewidth characteristics, the EP1550-NLW-B Series lasers have highly linear light current characteristics and high side mode suppression ratio (SMSR). Eblana's NLW laser products are supplied in an industry standard hermetically sealed 14 pin butterfly integrated with optical isolator, thermo-electric cooler (TEC), thermistor and power monitor photodiode. Moreover, claims the company, each device is shipped with individual test data of the measured linewidth. These products are already being used in high-bandwidth coherent communications as well as in various sensor, medical, and imaging applications. Custom wavelengths can be supplied to address application specific requirements.

Eblana says its proprietary laser technology is the key to achieving the features of this product, including:

• Narrow emission line-width, < 200 kHz, even at low emitted power and bias current;
• Mode hop free wavelength tuning by varying bias current and/or temperature; and
• Excellent wavelength stability.

"Our EP1550-NLW-B product series delivers an unprecedented price-performance quotient by leveraging Eblana's high-volume laser fabrication platform to produce a semiconductor diode laser with an unrivalled level of spectral purity," reports Richard Phelan, Eblana's director of new product development. "One of the key benefits provided by this laser is its narrow-line emission performance even at low emitted powers--in contrast to the typical characteristics of a DFB laser where extreme operating points are required to reach even MHz line-widths," he adds.

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