XO Communications intros flex program for carrier customers

JUNE 2, 2009 -- A capacity flexibility plan allows carrier customers to reconfigure or augment networks for a flat fee.

JUNE 2, 2009 -- XO Communications (search Lightwave for XO Communications) has launched a new flexibility program for current and prospective customers using XO Wavelength, a service that employs DWDM technology to provide network capacity. The program allows customers to pay a flat, one-time fee to make changes to their high-capacity networks, thereby helping them to respond to evolving business demands while avoiding early termination fees and new service initiation contracts.

With XO Carrier Wavelength FLEX, internal or external events impacting carrier services customers' data demands will be met with flexible, cost-effective adjustment options. After identifying reconfiguration needs, customers pay a flat fee for XO to implement changes. For the fee, customers will have the ability to:

  • switch from one route to another
  • add drop sites along existing routes
  • make route changes within metro markets
  • change the technology of their circuits (e.g., from SONET to Ethernet)

    "Our customers are under tremendous pressure to continually evaluate and adjust their assets and offerings as the demand for high-capacity bandwidth increases exponentially," says XO Carrier Services president Ernie Ortega. "By offering a preplanned, preapproved reconfiguration option, XO hopes to remove the stress that comes from trying to balance end-user needs with business financials. Doing so will not only benefit our customers but allow us to grow with them as their needs change over time."

    Using Wavelength FLEX, customers can meet the demands of their customer base while maintaining a low cost per megabit, claims XO Communications. The feature applies to all connections across XO's high-capacity nationwide and metro networks, regardless of route length. The single, predictable fee covers adjustments to either portions of or entire networks.

    XO Carrier Wavelength provides increased network capacity to support Internet, video, and multimedia streaming applications, without installing additional fiber. Across 75 major metropolitan markets, XO says its DWDM technology offers carrier customers:

    • extensive metro and national reach
    • bandwidth options of 1, 2.5, or 10 Gbps
    • support for multiple protocols such as ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet, SONET, and IP
    • point-to-point optical connections between XO and customer points of presence, and multiple customer points of presence
    • 24 x 7 monitoring and support

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