Wavelength meters

Nov. 1, 2000

The new WA-1650 and WA-1150 Wavemeter wavelength meters are designed specifically for precise characterization of DWDM transmitters in manufacturing environments. The meters are capable of measuring the wavelength of modulated and SONET/SDH optical signals in addition to continuous wave signals to an accuracy of ±0.3 pm (WA-1650) or ±1.5 pm (WA-1150). The new WA-7600 and WA-7100 multiline optical channel analyzers process measurement data automatically for DWDM system analysis. The new WA-7600 measures absolute wavelength to accuracy of ±0.3 pm and the lower cost alternative WA-7100 to ±1.5 pm. Both offer spectral resolution as high as 30 pm and both systems feature a new user interface.

Burleigh Instruments

Fishers, NY