Long-Haul Network Transmission Products

A new line of products for long-haul applications includes the PurePath Wavelength Modular Switch, a reconfigurable optical add/drop module for individually adding or dropping specific wavelengths at 100 or 200 GHz without any interruption of through traffic. The DWDM Interleaver is a micro-optics-based filter that provides a scaleable method of doubling (100 to 50 GHz) or quadrupling (200 to 50 GHz) the available channel count for a given wavelength range. A Raman pump module provides high output power at the wavelengths required for Raman amplification. Additional products that make up the long-haul solution include submarine LEAF+ optical fiber, submarine SMF-LS+ optical fiber, and submarine SMF-28+ optical fiber.

Corning Incorporated

Corning, NY

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