Pump Lasers


JDS Uniphase has launched the 3500 Series 14xxnm pump laser. Output power is up to 400mW at 1420–1495nm and 360mW at 1496–1510nm for C- and L-band coverage, wavelength-selected using grating- stabilised, polarisation-maintaining fibre.

High power and thermal efficiency enable longer links and spans, lower bit error rate, and greater wavelength coverage for 40GHz and ultra-long haul systems as well as distributed or discrete Raman amplification.

The first in a series of coolerless 980nm pump lasers from Anritsu is targeted at low-cost EDFAs,complementing its high-power 400mW 14XXnm pumps.

The AF9Y Series is a 90mW Cylindrical Can offering wavelength stabilisation at either 974, 976 or 978nm. Suitable for mini-EDFAs it offers excellent heat dissipation with a typical power consumption of just 0.4W at a case temperature of 70ºC and at maximum rated power output.

Via a proprietary method of treating the laser chip in the pump module that prevents the intensive light from degrading the light-emitting surface, Comlase's next-generation pump offers cost savings of 50% and reduces size and power consumption.

The range includes an uncooled 980nm pump in a compact, mini-DIL module. The passivation method enables reliable and stable operation over a wide temperature range. Power consumption is about 0.5W.

Mitsubishi has developed two 980nm ridge-wavelength pump lasers intended for EDFAs.

The ML861E5S for DWDM, available in a TO-CAN package or chip-on-carrier, has outputs of 1,100mW (peak), 750mW (kink-level) and 500mW (typical) with a typical threshold current of 110mA.

A window structure developed from quantum-well mixing using silicon-ion implantation avoids catastrophic optical damage (COD) and reduces the beam's aspect ratio to <2.5, enabling more efficient fibre coupling. Reflectivity is <1%.

The uncooled ML8627S for metro networks is wavelength-stabilised to ±10nm over 5–85ºC uses facet coatings, which also offer a cost advantage over fibre gratings for long-reach and submarine networks. Output is 200mW and threshold current 70mA (typical).

Alcatel's 1998 PLM module contains a MQW 980nm high-power laser, locked at varying wavelengths by an FBG in the pig-tail. It is available in two versions:

  • uncooled, for compact metro EDFAs;
  • cooled, for high-power, low-noise EDFAs, incorporating a TEC, precision NTC thermistor, monitor photodiode and pigtailed with a single-mode or a polarisation-maintaining fibre.


Oki Electric has three new 1480nm pump laser modules for long-haul WDM: the 200mW OL4128N-200; the 250mW OL4128N-250; and the 300mW OL4128N-300.

For such high power, Oki Electric has optimised the laser structure and improved the efficiency of the cooling elements.

The characteristics include:

  • kink-free up to 120% of output power;
  • built-in thermo-electric cooler and monitor photodiode;
  • single-mode fibre (Panda fibre optional);
  • butterfly packaging.


Intense Photonics is offering a gallium arsenide-based 980nm pump laser source for both erbium-doped fibre and waveguide amplifiers, configurated as either a single device or as a monolithic parallel array of up to 10.

In its single form, integrated non-absorbing mirrors protect the laser against catastrophic optical damage. The array form gives further savings in packaging for metro and fibre-to-the-home networks.

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