Allegheny Communications Connect selects BTI Photonic Systems' Netstender

June 5, 2007
JUNE 5, 2007 � Allegheny Communications Connect is using BTI Photonics Systems' equipment to deliver a 10G service between Pittsburgh, PA, and Fairmont, WV, as requested by an Allegheny customer.

JUNE 5, 2007 -- Allegheny Communications Connect has implemented BTI Photonic Systems' (search for BTI Photonic Systems) optical networking platform, Netstender (search for Netstender), to interconnect client sites with a 10G service to support bandwidth intensive applications and simulations.

According to Allegheny Communications Connect, one of its customers required a 10G circuit network that would connect its Pittsburgh, PA, and Fairmont, WV, sites. The resultant high-bandwidth network is optimized to support interconnectivity for the delivery of weather and seismic research data between the sites over a 10G LAN PHY service. Using BTI's technology, Allegheny extended the network across 550 km with a 10G LAN PHY on a wavelength service.

"BTI's Netstender provided the complete set of features we required to build the network that would support our customer's high-bandwidth services," reports Ken Hull, manager of network services for Allegheny Communications Connect. "The microWDM solution has enabled us to deliver a carrier service on a carrier-grade platform that requires minimal power and rack space at a compelling price."

BTI says its Netstender combines optical layer functions into one platform creating an easy-to-manage system that is easily integrated into the network to extend reach and expand fiber capacity. Ideal for Allegheny's project, the company's microWDM supports a fully featured network with a low channel count. While the network is currently lit with one to two channels, it has been enabled to expand to 16 channels with no additional redesign.

"Companies supporting clients using high-bandwidth services can utilize existing fiber networks economically without being disrupted by large optical system implementations," notes Glenn Thurston, vice president of marketing at BTI Photonic Systems. "A microWDM solution is optimized to deliver these services cost-effectively on wavelengths and offers dramatically more fiber capacity at a much lower cost per bit than traditional approaches," he says.

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