NEON adds new wavelength services

June 1, 2007
JUNE 1, 2007 -- The carrier says it will offer 2.5- and 10-Gbit/sec wavelength services along the Interstate 95 corridor.

JUNE 1, 2007 -- NEON Communications (search for NEON Communications) has announced its latest generation Wavelength Service, enabling it to deliver to 2.5- and 10-Gbit/sec waves. According to the company, the new platform initially will be deployed from New York, NY to Ashburn, VA with add/drop capability along the route.

"The demand for bandwidth continues to explode, and our customers have consistently sought alternatives that provide diversity from the status quo," notes Kurt Van Wagenen, NEON's president and CEO. "We deliberately chose our western route as the initial deployment for this system because it leverages our unique rights-of-way that allow us to offer superior diversity over the 'well traveled' I-95 corridor," he adds.

Offered in both unprotected and diverse configurations, NEON's Wavelength Service is a high-capacity offering that provides an alternative to capital intensive and resource intensive dark fiber builds, say company representatives. Utilizing DWDM technology, the service is protocol and bit-rate independent and can be used in applications such as supporting Layer Two and Three data networks like Ethernet or, alternatively, providing route diversity or ring closure for Layer One SONET networks.

NEON says it has already booked the first wavelength sale on this new platform.

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