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Compiled by Sue BoyleTh Acf429

The FLASH150ADX SONET add/drop multiplexer com bines traditional OC-3 and OC-12 operation with advanced bandwidth grooming and data-transport capabilities, which allows service providers to provide multiple services over a single, converged fiber-optic network. The multiplexer lowers network costs with enhanced SONET transport features, the addition of integrated data interfaces, and an advanced hybrid TDM/ATM architecture.
Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.
Richardson, TX
Th 1299lwe02

The TQ8034 is a 3.3V, nonblocking 34x34 cross point switch supporting a per-port data rate of 1.6 Gbits/sec. With an aggregate bandwidth of >54 Gbits/sec, it addresses the needs of network and video switch suppliers for a mid-sized array supporting Fibre Channel (1.063-Gbit/sec), Gigabit Ethernet (1.25-Gbit/sec), and HDTV (1.485-Gbit/sec) data rates. The TQ8034's high-speed interface levels are differential low-voltage PECL (LVPECL) with on-chip 50-ohm input terminations for maximum signal fidelity, ease-of-layout, reduced board area, and component costs.
TriQuint Semiconductor
Hillsboro, OR
Th 1299lwe01

The 160L visual fault finder accepts any PC connector with a 2.5-mm ferrule diameter and detects fiber breaks in cables up to 3 km. The rugged, watertight instrument is useful for technicians dealing with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of simplex or multicontact connectorized optical fibers and accepts all PC, APC, FC, SC, ST, DIN, and E2000 connectors.
Rifocs Corp.
Camarillo, CA

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