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Optametra (www.optametra.com) has announced what it asserts are the first available instruments for testing coherent transmission systems in real time. Optametra's OM4005 and OM4006 Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzers are designed to enable visualization and measurement of dual-polarized complex-modulated signals in fiber.Th 315768

Optametra's hardware includes the OM3005 polarization-diverse Coherent Modulation Receiver (CMR). The CMR enables simultaneous measurement of any modulation format, including coherent dual-polarization (DP) QPSK, and subsets, such as differential QPSK. Optametra says its software calibrates and processes for real-time burst-mode constellation diagram displays, eye-diagram displays, bit-error detection, polarization (Poincaré sphere), and more. Bit rates to 43 Gbps (40G DP-QPSK) are supported today, with simple 112-Gbps (100G DP-QPSK) upgrades available mid-2009.

Optametra's instruments use either a customer's standard network sources or available built-in tunable lasers optimized for coherent applications.

Yenista Optics (www.yenista.com) and Anritsu (www.anritsu.com) have agreed on the transfer of selected optical instruments and technology to Yenista. The instruments and technology relate to laboratory optical products including tunable lasers (Tunics), a modular platform (Osics), a tunable filter (Xtract), and an optical component tester (MT9820). The agreement guarantees continuity in product support for Anritsu's customers. Yenista acquired the corresponding patent portfolio, comprising IP on tunable lasers, tunable filters, optical spectrum analyzers, PMD measurement, and DWDM multiplexers.

JDSU (www.jdsu.com) has announced new products for its ONT Optical Network Testers. The additions provide new features such as enhanced OTN capabilities, wrapper and dewrapper support, and a wander transfer function, among others. The ONT family of testers is designed to provide test applications for design, development, conformance test, system verification, production, integration, support, troubleshooting, and maintenance. The family includes the ONT-503 (lightweight, portable, three slots), ONT-506 (portable, six slots), and ONT-512 (rack-mounted, 12 slots). Many of the new products are offered as enhancements to existing modules.

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