Anritsu intros 40G/100G tester

Th 309705
Th 309705

Anritsu ( has introduced four plug-in cards for its existing MP1800 chassis�including a 28-Gbps one-channel mux/demux, 28-Gbps two-channel mux/demux, 14-Gbps PPG/ED, and 14-GHz clock distributor�that facilitate the testing of high-speed optical modulation devices/components and other digital devices. Applications include:

100-Gbps Ethernet: The MP1800 supports four 25-Gbps outputs to drive four channels of CWDM, as required in IEEE 802.3ba (draft), from a single chassis. Previously, multiple instruments were necessary. Additionally, the signal quality analyzers can drive four channels for DP-QPSK modulation as recommended by the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), with high-precision skew control for I and Q on both polarizations, says the company.

Long-haul 40-Gbps transmission: From a single chassis, two independent 20-Gbps outputs with “excellent” skew control can be supported for devices that use DQPSK modulation. The MP1800 can also control the crosspoint of optical modulators, making it well suited for directly driving optical modulators, says Anritsu.

Ultra-fast interconnects: Tests critical to the accurate evaluation of high-speed optical interconnects, such as skew toleration and the impact of crosstalk, can be conducted with the MP1800. A built-in jitter modulation function supports what Anritsu claims is the world's first jitter tolerance testing up to 25 Gbps. FIND OUT MORE ONLINE

Digital Lightwave Inc. ( has announced the NIC BP 40G, which it asserts is the industry's only battery-powered 40/43-Gbps test set. A rechargeable battery enables technicians to perform tests with or without external power. Battery power also serves to protect the integrity of test results in case of unanticipated power loss during long-term tests, according to the company. “Battery power provides quick set up and testing capability in locations where AC power is not readily available,” stated Mike Botham, director of engineering at Digital Lightwave. FIND OUT MORE ONLINE

Sunrise Telecom Inc. ( has successfully completed the divestiture of its Protocol Products Group (PPG) to LTE Innovations for approximately $10 million in cash before the repayment of certain inter-company obligations and holdbacks associated with indemnities. The company also announced it has completed the divestiture of its high-resolution OTDR business in Switzerland. FIND OUT MORE ONLINE

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