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Th 314235

Final polish lapping film
Lapping Film 865X is used in the final step for fiber-optic connector polishing to produce consistent fiber height and outstanding visual quality, helping finished connectors meet Telecordia GR-326 standards. The polishing film offers upwards of 90% yield for multiple uses, reducing rework. Lapping Film 865X offers a new dimension of speed, consistency, and control for final polishing of ceramic fiber-optic connectors, says the manufacturer.
3M Electronic Materials Market,
www.3M/electronicsTh 314238

Compared to other electro-optic-, MOMS-, or MEMS-based offerings, the internally compensated variable optical attenuator (iC_VOA) technology delivers what the manufacturer claims is higher functionality at the lowest cost per channel. Featuring a patent-pending embedded compensation controller, iC_VOAs provide stability, reliability, and a common digital interface. This approach provides superior wavelength-dependent loss (WDL) and PDL performance over a broader wavelength and temperature range, the manufacturer asserts. Available in 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-channel modules, the iC_VOA eliminates complicated device integration.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc.,
www.afop.comTh 314239

The Nanona ultra-fast, low-loss optical switch is a solid-state switch that operates in free-space architecture. It has lower optical insertion loss (<1 dB), much faster speed (<50 nsec), and more reliable switching compared to competing optical switching technologies, says the manufacturer. The switches provide options for managing fiber-optic connections and monitoring optical performance for a variety of applications in the telecommunications, defense, bio-technology, and instrumentation industries.
Boston Applied Technologies Inc.,
www.bostonati.comTh 314243

High-power ultra-low-distortion (HLPD) InGaAs photodiodes are available in bandwidths from DC to 20 GHz and optical power from 14 to 17 dBm. The photodiodes feature 1-dB compression point, OIP3 40 to 50 dB, and polarization dependent loss (PDL) <0.1 dB. Target applications include optoelectronic oscillators, modulator extinction ratio measurement, precision analog links, LIDAR, femtosecond frequency combs, and coherent systems.
Discovery Semiconductor Inc.,
www.chipsat.com Th 314244

The Dynamic Wavelength Processor 50 (DWP 50) enables programmable channel switching using liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) technology and provides advanced functionality through embedded software. The DWP 50 high-resolution platform supports 50-GHz and dual 50-/100-GHz operation at 40 Gbps in 1x9/9x1 port configurations, with 0-20 dB attenuation capability on all ports. The DWP 50 is designed to provide a high-performance wavelength-selective switch (WSS) option for 40G networks.
www.finisar.com Th 314245

This new analog-to-digital converter features an effective resolution bandwidth of >15 GHz and a sample rate of 56 GSa/sec. The accompanying evaluation board allows for rapid characterization of the ADC performance, assisting engineers in the design of 40G/100G optical transport systems.
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH,
www.emea.fujitsu.com/microelectronicsTh 314246

The GX6420 is a single-die electro-absorption modulator (EAM) 3-Vpp driver for 40- and 100-Gbps metro/access applications. The GX6420 features low power dissipation, high input sensitivity, and low jitter degradation capable of precisely setting the output amplitude and eye crossing point. The company says the GX6420 is ideal for 40G/100G EAM TOSA implementations because it can be either AC coupled with EAMs to reduce power dissipation or DC coupled to eliminate the need for chokes.
GigOptix Inc.,
www.gigoptix.com Th 314248

The HMC-C061 is a double-edge triggered D-type flip-flop module that supports data/clock rates up to 50 Gbps/25 GHz. Ideal for OC-768 applications according to the company, the HMC-C061 supports single-ended or differential operation and features less than 200 fsec of additive RMS jitter and rise/fall times of less than 10 psec. Operating from a -3.3-V supply, the HMC-C061 is specified from -40°C to +70°C and is supplied in a hermetic metal housing with 1.85-mm connectors.
Hittite Microwave Corp., www.hittite.com Th 314249

The U-mount open frame laser-diode package was designed with high power in mind; at 808 nm, 9 W of continuous wave output power is available, and at 980 nm, 16 W of continuous wave power is available. In the pulsed mode, a 13-W peak pulse can be achieved at 808 nm and a 30-W peak pulse can be achieved at 980 nm. The U-mount is suited for pumping, pointing, and illumination applications. Due to the mechanical design, the laser chip and bond wires are housed from three sides, so a production worker can safely handle the device and screw it onto a PCB. The electrical contacts can be soldered or clamped. The front of the diode laser is easy to access for an optical element like a FAC lens or fiber.
Lumics GmbH,
www.lumics.com Th 314250

Designed for 40- and 100-Gbps coherent transmission systems, this optical demodulator provides the mixing necessary to analyze state of polarization and optical phase of a phase-modulated signal relative to an externally supplied optical reference, enabling recovery of the phase-polarization constellation for DP-QPSK data transmission. The coherent mixer operates without power across the C-Band and is based on planar integration using semiconductor production methods.
NeoPhotonics Corp.,
www.neophotonics.comTh 314251

This range of 10G and single-fiber pluggable transceivers includes both FSAN- and IEEE-based 10G PON. Other bidirectional transceivers are available with a variety of options, including data rates ranging from Fast Ethernet up to 3.2 Gbps; 2-km to 80-km reach; any transmitter/receiver wavelength combination compatible with the CWDM grid; and up to the industrial temperature of -40°C to +85°C. For wireless backhaul applications, these modules are compatible with CPRI/OBSAI.
OE Solutions America Inc.,
www.oesolution.com Th 314252

Drop cables featuring EZ-Bend Optical Technology can be bent to a 5-mm radius and can be stapled with negligible signal loss and no degradation in picture quality. EZ-Bend cables are designed to be ideal for multiple-dwelling-unit and in-home wiring applications with aggressive routing environments and numerous bends, corners, and tight spaces. They can be deployed using familiar “copper-like” installation processes and provide a green approach that is RoHS-compliant and free of heavy metals.
www.ofsoptics.comTh 314253

This new DPSK/DQPSK demodulator is used to improve signal quality and extend the transmission distance in high-data-rate and submarine next-generation networks. The device is fully tunable and supports the C+L bands with transmission rates of 10 to 100 Gbps. The compact package features low temperature-dependent frequency shift and low polarization-dependent frequency shift.
O-Net Communications Ltd.,
www.o-netcom.comTh 314255

Radiation-hardened fibers are for near IR laser transmission, sensing, and short-distance datacom applications. Designed to be ideal for the military and aerospace market, they are radiation resistant with high thermal and chemical stability and operate in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +350°C. The rad-hard fibers have a 100/140 step index, feature a high-OH silica core/doped silica clad design, and include a polyimide coating for high temperature and low out-gassing. An ETFE, nylon, and silicone jacket is also available.
Polymicro Technologies/Molex,

The XP Fit Plus is a pre-polished, pre-assembled connector compatible with the standard SC connector. It uses index-matching gel instead of epoxy as an internal mechanical grip and gently but effectively holds the fiber in place. The XP Fit Plus can be installed in under two minutes. Without polishing or adhesives, the connector is designed to make on-site installations quick and easy, diminishing the need for epoxy curing and hand polishing at the work site.
SENKO Advanced Components,
www.senko.com Th 314258

The Epsilon-40 40G product family uses 8HP SiGe process technology to achieve improved performance and reduced power consumption compared to previous SerDes product generations. It offers the size, cost, and power profile for mainstream 40G system deployment. The SMI4027 and SMI4037 support data rates from 39.8 to 44.6 Gbps and an on-chip DPSK precoder. They incorporate an SFI-5 compliant client-side interface, PRWS error checking and generation, and power consumption just over 4W for the chipset.
Sierra Monolithics
www.monolithics.com Th 314259

µSHEATH cables are used for all types of optical networks, including long-haul backbones, city rings, distribution, and local access networks and for all types of FTTH applications. These fiber cables provide time and cost savings at all network levels—from engineering, civil works, installation, extension, and upgrade—due to their modular design; easy handling, installation, and jointing; ultra compactness; and compatibility with all laying techniques, says the company.
Silec Cable,
www.sileccable.com Th 314261

These micro-fiber isolators feature miniature packaging dimensions of 2.5 mm in diameter and 15 mm and 17 mm in length for single and dual stage, respectively. The manufacturer says optical performances are excellent, including low insertion loss, low PDL and TDL, high optical power handling, and high stability and reliability. These features are applicable to such applications as compact EDFAs, WDM subsystems, fiber lasers, erbium-doped fiber ASE sources, fiber sensing, etc.
Sino Point Photonics Ltd.,
www.spphotonics.com Th 314262

This new generation of fiber-optic patch cords features low bend radius. The cords are suitable for narrow working environments and reduce possible installation damage. The patch cord is compatible with LC, SC, ST, FC, and E-2000 connector types.
Synox Tech Co., Ltd.,
www.synox.com.twTh 314263

The new ClearSpectrum dispersion compensation module for outside-plant applications is designed to sustain high optical power in an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. With a typical insertion loss of 2 dB for dispersion levels between 20 and 100 km, the passive module is ideal for digital or analog communications that require components to operate in an uncontrolled environment.
www.teraxion.comTh 314265

Wavelength-selective switch
This 50-GHz wavelength-selective switch (WSS) incorporates the highly integrated functionalities and reliability of the manufacturer's proprietary LightFlow platform. It comes in 2x1, 4x1, 8x1, and 9x1 configurations for high-speed and high-capacity applications. The 50-GHz WSS offers excellent performance with integrated functionalities of demuxing, hitless/colorless switching, power balancing, and muxing; remote configurability via embedded firmware and software; wide dynamic range and high port isolations; and low FIT rate and power consumption, according to the manufacturer.
CoAdna Photonics Inc.,
www.CoAdna.com Th 314266

New optical channel performance monitors provide sub-50-msec reporting of power, wavelength, and OSNR measurements. Devices provide future-proof reporting of 10- and 40-Gbps modulation, such as DQPSK, DPSK, and future coherent schemes. The manufacturer says it provides long-term reliability through the use of its own Volume Phase Grating design, which features no moving parts, hermetic sealing, and sub-1-W power consumption.
BaySpec Inc.,
www.bayspec.com Th 314267

The fully tunable TDL50 dispersion-tolerant DWDM transponder is designed to provide a high-performance DWDM interface that meets the needs of different system architectures. It can transport 10-Gbps signals on much longer uncompensated links to further maximize the benefits of ROADM networks. According to the manufacturer, the TDL50 simplifies architectures with a high-performance, low-cost, plug-and-play design. The TDL50 features digital electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) based on a 16-state maximum likelihood sequence estimation (MLSE) equalizer and is integrated in 300-pin MSA-compliant housing.
CoreOptics Inc.,
www.coreoptics.com Th 314269

The continuously optimized DPSK (CO-DPSK) modulation scheme is optimized for all filtering conditions and provides better performance than standard DPSK, optimized FSR, or switchable FSR in 50-GHz channel spacing and offers better or equal performance in the 100-GHz channel spacing, says the manufacturer. The CO-DPSK is offered in an industry-standard 300-pin MSA module.
www.opnext.com Th 314271

The four-channel TIA arrays and VCSEL driver arrays are targeted at InfiniBand DDR and QDR QSFP modules, active optical cables, 40-Gigabit Ethernet, video applications, and other proprietary applications. The 12-channel devices cater to SNAP12, CXP, and 100-Gigabit Ethernet applications. Low power dissipation enables around 100 mW per channel (Rx+Tx). Both product lines are fully available in large volumes.
www.iptronics.com Th 314272

This optical DQPSK demodulator features C+L band coverage by a single device, low insertion loss and polarization-dependent loss, and low polarization-dependent frequency shift. The device is tunable and features temperature control, a compact size, and low power consumption, which the company says makes it ideal for 5- or 20-Gbps DQPSK signal reception, data-rate optimization, and extended transmission distance applications.
Photop Technologies Inc.,
www.photoptech.com Th 314273

Optical modulation analyzer
The N4391A optical modulation analyzer addresses the test and measurement gap for analysis of amplitude- and phase-modulated optical signals for the 40/100G single-wavelength transmission market. Offering greater flexibility in the analysis of all broadly used modulation schemes in a turnkey device, the N4301A enables scientists and research engineers to verify their ideas in a short time, says the manufacturer. This analysis tool is designed to provide deep insight into transceiver designs and the quality of the components.
Agilent Technologies,
www.agilent.com Th 314275

New plug-in cards for the MP1800 Series signal quality analyzers provide the most accurate, repeatable, and cost-efficient testing of optical and digital devices operating up to 100G, says the manufacturer. The plug-in cards are easily integrated into the MP1800 and are designed to provide designers and manufacturers of optical modulation devices/components and other digital devices with a single, easy-to-use device for testing high-speed products. The cards take advantage of the MP1800's modular platform architecture to create a flexible test environment for ultra high-speed BER measurements.
Anritsu Co.,
www.us.anritsu.comTh 314276

The DPSCOPE is a high-quality microscope designed solely for fiber-optic connector end-face inspection, with precision optics and the most homogeneous illumination in the industry, according to the manufacturer. DPSCOPE aims to bridge the gap between low-cost, poor-quality scopes and the general-purpose, high-quality, high-cost laboratory scopes available today. The DPSCOPE features true Koehler illumination, blue LED light source, and x10 or x20 magnifications. It is suitable for portable or benchtop use.
www.data-pixel.com Th 314277

This Photonics Module Align, Assembly, and Test (PMAT) platform supports precision alignment, assembly, and testing of precision photonic or optoelectronic packages, including single-channel applications and multi-channel packages such as AWGs and PLCs. The PMAT platform features an extensive set of active alignment and test algorithms that are easily configured for specific products and applications using FlexAuto control software, as well as a modular design with many available subsystems that enables users to select the appropriate tools for the manufacturing processes and technologies they need to deploy.
Automation Engineering Inc.,
www.aeiboston.comTh 314278

The ZX-1 mini PMS PLUS interferometer is designed for high-volume end-face geometry testing of single-fiber, single-ferrule fiber-optic connectors. Its self-contained design incorporates auto-centering, auto-focus, and automatic calibration; no manual adjustments are ever required. Under the PMS software, measurements are completed in less than 3 sec. All data and reports are saved in Excel format, and the built-in statistical analysis can be used for process control.
Direct Optical Research Co.,

The new FTB-500 platform houses many advanced applications and modules. It is designed to enable users to achieve faster setups, testing, and reporting and benefit from unequaled platform ergonomy and field manageability. Users can also send reports via mobile communication, launch tests from a remote location, and download and watch tutorials on the multi-modular platform. The test platform enables users to protect both past and future investments through universal FTB module compatibility.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering,
www.exfo.com Th 314279

The Fibolocator 2500 Correlation-OTDR technology is now available with centimeter resolution. The device is able to measure pinpointed back reflections in singlemode optical fibers up to 10 km with 8-cm resolution. The sensitivity is better than -60 dB with a dynamic range of 17 dB. The testing wavelength can be flexible based on customer demand.
Fibotec Fiberoptics,
www.fibotec.com Th 314281

The 28821BR is a 28-Gbps bit-error-ratio receiver evaluation board for R&D or production testing of emerging high-speed protocols from 13 to 28 Gbps, including 100-Gigabit Ethernet, 40G DQPSK, 14G Fibre Channel, and 100G DP-QPSK. The 28821BR enables test system designers to leverage their existing investments in hardware and software for 12.5-Gbps BERTs and rapidly deliver tests for next-generation standards.
Inphi Corp.,

The JDSU Multiple Application Platform (MAP-200) helps manage the test and measurement needs of researchers, designers, and manufacturing engineers. A platform designed to exceed all others with its modularity, reliability, and flexibility, the MAP-200 module breadth and performance are consistent with the company's fiber-optic technology leadership, JDSU says. The portfolio of MAP-200 modules includes 16 types of high-performance modules including signal conditioning and switching, sources and amplification, and power meters. The MAP-200 is LXI Class C-compliant.
www.jdsu.comTh 314282

The Parallex enables users to perform several BER tests at once using a single clock source, thus reducing cost per test port. The system is designed for developers and engineers running simultaneous BER tests on parallel interfaces or multiple independent interfaces. Applications include SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel. The Parallex BERT performs eye-quality and receiver sensitivity tests for transceivers, emitters/detectors, TOSAs/ROSAs, mux/demux, subassemblies, backplanes, and systems. The Parallex is scalable so users can start with a single channel and add modules as needed. The tester also features GPIB control and data logging.
Luceo Technologies,
www.luceotec.com Th 314283

The Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR) 4400 is an ultra-high-resolution OTDR with backscatter-level sensitivity designed for component- and module-level reflectometry. With a small, easily transportable platform, the capability to “see” reflections out to 2 km with no dead zone, and integrated temperature and strain sensing, the OBR 4400 provides the ultimate in fiber diagnostics, claims the manufacturer.
Luna Technologies,

The eyeD 360 network monitor provides a full view of 10G and 40G networks without disrupting traffic. OSNR, chromatic dispersion, and polarization-mode dispersion are measured simultaneously. Additional impairments can be measured and addressed through software upgrades to meet new 40G requirements without hardware sensor change-out. This “all-in-one” network monitoring, test, and measurement tool is designed to help carriers and OEMs deploy 40G on existing 10G networks.
Monitoring Division Inc. (mdi),
www.monitoringdivision.com Th 314284

The NRT-40133A is designed to provide sophisticated and accurate polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) tolerance testing, enabling users to quantitatively determine the system performance degradation due to second-order PMD as well as differential group delay. The NRT has patented coherent PMD generation technology, enabling measurement repeatability day after day and between all NRT PMD sources. Users can employ the NRT's Total Outage Calculator to calculate outage for a 40- and 100-Gbps system, allowing them to design and deploy systems with greater confidence.
New Ridge Technologies LLC,
http://newridgetech.comTh 314285

The 800 Series of portable fiber-optic testers includes the LS-800 light source and the PM-800 power meter, both of which contain new features, including an increased dynamic range of -70 dBm to +13 dBm and a higher auto wavelength detection sensitivity. The battery has a 200-hour lifetime before recharging via USB using a microprocessor-controlled charging process. The memory is capable of saving up to 3,000 items, which can be processed using SmartProtocol software, delivered as standard accessories. The LS-830 and PM-830 introduce FTTH PON variations designed for simultaneous testing of three wavelengths (1310/1490/1550 nm); the PM-830 can measure three-wavelength bidirectional traffic on uninterrupted optical lines.
OPTOKON Co., Ltd.,
www.optokon.com Th 314286

The 2201 mode-field diameter (MFD) measurement system is a standalone measurement platform that complements the manufacturer's other specialty fiber measurement products, including the 8000 OTDR and 2400 Fiber Geometry System. Employing the far-field scanning technique and using high-power, customer-selectable laser sources, the 2201 can be configured for high-precision MFD measurements at a range of wavelengths from 500 nm to 1600 nm.
Photon Kinetics,
www.pkinetics.com Th 314287

A fully automated visual inspection tool, the miniAVIT automatically locates, images, and inspects the surfaces of fiber end faces, detecting scratches, loose contamination, and other defects without removing them from the polishing plate. Custom fixtures enable testing of small assemblies. It offers reliable, flexible, and consistent fiber inspection with detailed, auditable documentation of results that helps companies efficiently ensure the quality of all fibers in their products, while reducing labor time to inspect.
PVI Systems Inc.,
www.pvisys.com Th 314288

The new BERTScope Si 17500C signal integrity analyzer covers data rates from 500 Mbps to 17.5 Gbps for 16G Fibre Channel, 12-Gbps SAS, and future serial bus testing. According to the manufacturer, it provides the most advanced and comprehensive combination of signal integrity analysis and test tools available in a single instrument. These include BER test, enhanced integrated stress generation, eye-diagram analysis, and new BERTScope Jitter Map BER-based jitter decomposition covering long patterns, including PRBS-31.
SyntheSys Research,
www.synthesysresearch.comTh 314292

Electronic and optical design software
OptiSPICE is a new software tool that addresses the growing demand for electronic and optical design in one platform, empowering engineers to design complex optoelectronic devices. OptiSPICE enables the design and simulation of optoelectronic circuits at the transistor level, from laser drivers to transimpedance amplifiers, optical interconnects, and electronic equalizers. OptiSPICE produces self-consistent solutions of optoelectronic circuits that contain feedback spanning both optical and electrical parts.
Optiwave Systems Inc.,
www.optiwave.comTh 314290

A demonstration of the OptSim design tool will focus on modeling an interferometric fiber-optic gyroscope (I-FOG) for civilian and military applications. OptSim is designed to provide an ideal design environment for next-generation I-FOGs, where a designer can model and optimize various aspects of open-loop, closed-loop, and digital closed-loop detection schemes with different optical reciprocity effects. OptSim offers Monte Carlo simulations, power budget analyses, and flexible signal visualization to accurately model linear, non-linear, polarization, and scattering propagation effects.
RSoft Design Group, Inc.,
www.rsoftdesign.comTh 314293

Final polish film
Marathon XF is a long-life final polish film for fiber-optic connectors. Typical final polish films have to be replaced after one use to prevent surface defects and fiber height issues. Marathon XF can be used up to 10 times with no degradation in performance, resulting in lower costs for the manufacturer while maintaining high quality. Manufactured by Seikoh Giken and sold exclusively by Connected Fibers in North America.
Connected Fibers,
www.connectedfibers.com Th 314294

REV is a cost-effective system for processing fiber-optic connectors. Newly terminated connectors can be polished to singlemode geometries in less than two minutes. Instead of replacement, the REV micro-polisher enables damaged connectors on cabling, patch cords, OTDR launch boxes, and test equipment interfaces to be recovered and retro-polished to their original specifications. Lightweight and portable, REV is ideal for inclusion in field termination kits, says the company.
Krell Technologies,


Fiber-optic passive devices training DVD
The Fiber-Optic Passive Devices Staff Development DVD is designed for those who wish to learn about the passive devices, components, and optical subassemblies used in fiber-optic communication systems. The content examines WDM devices and systems, optical switches, filters, gratings, isolators, wavelength lockers, dispersion compensators, circulators, and many others.
The Light Brigade Inc.,

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