Glimmerglass adds SNMP to its optical switches

Th 306675
Th 306675

Glimmerglass ( has announced the availability of SNMP trap reporting in all of its photonic switching products. With this announcement, Glimmerglass says it enables carriers and operators to integrate photonic crossconnects with their SNMP–based network management systems.

Operators with SNMP network management systems will now be able to correlate physical–layer optical events from Glimmerglass switches with existing network traps. Improved problem isolation and reduced mean–time–to–repair, intrinsic properties of photonic switch deployments in networks, are now facilitated through SNMP trap reporting in addition to reporting via Glimmerglass's TL1 interface.

In addition to support for individual switches, SNMP functionality has been extended to the Glimmerglass Console multiswitch manager. Glimmerglass Console now provides SNMP “Listen and Forward” functionality. SNMP Listen and Forward allows SNMP traps from a large number of photonic switches to be routed through the Glimmerglass Console to the desired SNMP managers.

The SNMP agent feature will be available for new or upgrade orders in the first quarter of this year. FIND OUT MORE ONLINE

Shenick Network Systems ( touts itself as the first and only vendor to offer complete two–way active measurement protocol (TWAMP) measurement and testing capability as standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC5357. According to the company, multiple service providers and equipment vendors are using its diversifEye to verify, in real–time, the TWAMP functionality and performance of TWAMP–enabled network elements and management servers. The TWAMP protocol defines a flexible method for measuring round–trip IP performance between any two devices in a network that supports the standard, such as measuring time delay on a call. With TWAMP, service providers and equipment vendors can identify the congested parts of a network and confidently develop IP service–level agreements (SLAs). FIND OUT MORE ONLINE

EXFO Electro–Optical Engineering Inc. ( has added multi–stream test support to the FTB–8120NGE, FTB–8130NGE, IQS–8120NGE, and IQS–8130NGE Power Blazer multi–service test modules. The modules offer multi–service capabilities with DSn/PDH, SONET/SDH, OTN, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel support. The FTB–8120NGE and FTB–8130NGE Power Blazer modules are housed inside the FTB–200 Compact Platform and FTB–400 Universal Test System for field and central office requirements, while the IQS versions are hosted inside the IQS–500 and IQS–600 platforms for manufacturing floor and lab environments. FIND OUT MORE ONLINE

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