Thus deploys Adva's FSP 500 to extend LAN versatility

9 August 2002 -- UK provider of voice, data, Internet and contact centre services Thus has selected the Fiber Service Platform (FSP) 500 from Adva Optical Networking, Munich, to enable "added-value metro data services".

9 August 2002 -- Adva Optical Networking has announced that Thus plc, a UK provider of voice, data, Internet and contact centre services, has selected ADVA's Fiber Service Platform (FSP) 500 for added-value metro data services.

Paul Sinclair, Product Manager at Thus, said, "We believe that ADVA's FSP 500 best meets our needs for versatile bandwidth service capabilities. It will give Thus a cost-effective migrational solution for the provision of LAN/WAN protocol services within
our metropolitan networks. It allows Thus to offer the speed and flexibility of the LAN over the MAN and WAN."

Abdul Kasim, VP Marketing at Adva, added, "The FSP 500 has been designed with this function in mind and it supports growing demand for high-speed managed data services. We are pleased that Thus has chosen the FSP 500 and are confident that the platform will exceed their expectations for outstanding delivery of LAN based services."

Thus will use the FSP 500 to consolidate and manage a variety of bandwidth service applications, including point-to-point links, co-location, disaster recovery, virtual private networks, and metro data services.

The FSP 500 supports Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM155, ATM622 and Fibre Channel links of up to 50km on singlemode fibre. Designed specifically for LAN extension applications, the FSP 500 provides SNMP management to the remote transceiver installed within the customer's premises.

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