TeraConnect launches 24-channel parallel optic modules

September 12, 2002--TeraConnect Inc. announced today that its TeraLink-24 parallel optic interconnect modules are available for customer evaluation.

TeraConnect Inc. announced today that its TeraLink-24 parallel optic interconnect modules are available for customer evaluation. With 24 channels each providing up to 3.2 Gbits/sec of capacity, the TeraLink-24 provides a link with over 76 Gbits/sec of capacity in a miniature package.

"The advanced design of the TeraLink-24 provides twice as much density as a typical 1x12 parallel optic module, in virtually the same sized package," notes John Langevin, TeraConnect's vice president of marketing.

The Teralink-24 is electrically and optically compatible with TeraConnect's TeraLink-48 modules and can be used in combination with TeraLink-48s to support asymmetric data applications, such as connecting line cards with higher capacity switch fabric cards. The TeraLink-24 and -48 modules provide high-density, fiber-optic links for connecting equipment in telecommunications, data-communications, and high performance computing systems.

The TeraLink-24 uses TeraConnect's proprietary two-dimensional opto-electronic (2DOE) technology. This processing technology allows TeraConnect to provide high-density vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)-based transmitters and Galium Arsenide detector-based receivers in a miniature package. The Teralink-24 eliminates throughput bottlenecks in data-communications and telecommunications while dramatically reducing power consumption, front panel space, and cost, say company representatives.

Companies that are evaluating TeraConnect's TeraLink products include major suppliers of routers, optical switches, and high performance computing systems. In these applications, the TeraLink-24 is used to connect high-speed line cards to the switching fabric, connect stages of multi-stage switches, and to connect different types of equipment within a central office or Internet data center.

Teralink-24 modules are available today, and sell for $700 per unit in production volumes.

TeraConnect also has a turnkey evaluation kit that makes it easy for customers to evaluate the TeraLink-24. The kit includes everything required to test and characterize the link, including TeraLink-24 transmit and receive modules, a printed circuit board, fiber-optic cables, a user's manual, and product documentation. The evaluation kits and TeraLink-24 modules are available for immediate delivery.

For more information about TeraConnect Inc. (Nashua, NH), visit the company's Web site at www.teraconnect.com.

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