ECI offers ELASTIC Analytics services for traffic engineering, maintenance

Optical transport systems vendor ECI has announced a new suite of services. The ELASTIC Analytics services combine algorithms, machine learning, and data analytics to enable operators to better maintain, design, and re-engineer multi-vendor, multi-layer networks, ECI asserts.

The ELASTIC Analytics suite debuts with a pair of services. The Multi-Layer Traffic Engineering and Optimization service gathers and analyzes data via a GIS-based approach to enable network planners to better architect their networks, reclaim resources, and ensure the smooth introduction of new services, says ECI. It also affords better visibility of single points of failure (SPOF) as well as bottlenecks; it also can predict the impact of pending failures.

The Predictive Maintenance service conducts daily audits of every element in the network, even those ECI hasn't supplied, starting at the embedded level. It offers information on how systems are running and recommends corrective actions to optimize network performance. ECI says operators can use the early warnings the service provides to pre-empt pending faults and failures and better meet service-level agreements (SLAs).

"Network operations usually require the manual accumulation and analysis of a considerable amount of data from various sources. The sheer amount of data which is required to properly maintain and design networks makes this a long and arduous task, especially as networks become more complex," explains Assaf Tiran, vice president and head of Global Implementation & Maintenance Services at ECI. "ELASTIC Analytics' advanced algorithms enable organizations to unify their network provisioning processes and help them bridge the gap between goals and actual performance, thereby unlocking their business potential. IoT, 5G, and M2M demands will all benefit from these services."

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