Xtera enters enterprise market with XteraLink

Xtera Communications Inc., best known for its Raman-based optical transport equipment (see, for example, "Xtera demos 100 Gbps with Raman amplification"), has entered the enterprise space with the XteraLink 300. The unit, now commercially available, is an edge server appliance that sits on the border between enterprise LANs and the Internet (WANs).

XteraLink is designed to bond multiple WAN links into virtual pipes to deliver bandwidth aggregation and WAN fault tolerance. The system will support three WAN, a LAN, and a “DMZ” link with a maximum total throughput of 300 Mbps. It also has a USB port for 3G cellular data cards. Other features include a firewall that offers DoS, DDoS, and connection limits; outbound load balancing (auto-routing); NAT; and virtual servers.

Xtera is targeting the system at branch offices, home offices, medium size businesses, apartments, hotels, and other multi-tenant buildings.

“Xtera is committed to offer advanced and innovative solutions that will maximize network efficiency,” said Pablo Gargiulo, executive vice president, chief marketing and corporate development officer. “XteraLink will enable advanced, high-performance networks that are secure and dependable 24/7.”

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