Network USA brings intelligence to the edge of their network with Metro-Optix

July 18, 2001--Network USA will deploy Metro-Optix's next-generation CityStream bandwidth manager in its fiber-optic network.

Metro-Optix announced a multimillion-dollar contract with Network USA, a Louisiana-based integrated service provider of voice, high-speed data, and video services. Network USA will deploy Metro-Optix's next-generation CityStream bandwidth manager in its fiber-optic network. Along with the CityStream system, Metro-Optix will provide turnkey services for the Network USA optical network.

Network USA will utilize the CityStream bandwidth manager solution in its network to offer traditional telephony services, as well as enhanced services, to its carrier customers. Those customers, in turn, will be able to market a portfolio of integrated, advanced communications services to their business customers.

The CityStream design offers a greater number of protocol-agile ports than other similar systems, so that customers such as Network USA can have more flexibility, especially as they are ramping up their service offerings. Network USA will be able to offer and support multiple service types using the same interface modules, while retaining a flexible protection scheme.

With multiple network element and multiprotocol capabilities, CityStream eliminates the need for separate SONET add/drop multiplexers, digital cross-connect systems, ATM edge switches, and IP routers. The CityStream system supports all data, voice and video traffic over optical networks, with a non-blocking, core switching fabric that scales from 100 Gbps today to 400 Gbps in the future on an 820Gbps backplane.

Among CityStream's applications are ring aggregation, mesh topology, point-of-presence bandwidth management, high density STS and VT level grooming and transmultiplexing, service access multiplexing, DSLAM aggregation, ATM edge switching, and IP routing.

About Network USA:

Network USA, based in Lafayette, La., is an integrated service provider implementing an optical network to connect carriers and customers.

About Metro-Optix:

Jointly headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. and Allen, Texas, Metro-Optix is a privately held, optical networking equipment provider that is pioneering a new generation of Internet infrastructure for metropolitan networks. For more information, visit

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