IPtronics samples 12x10G silicon

28 APRIL 2008 -- IPtronics announces the availability of working silicon for 12-channel applications.

28 APRIL 2008 -- IPtronics (search for IPtronics) announces the availability of working silicon for 12-channel applications. IPtronics' 12-channel VCSEL driver and transimpedance amplifier feature the lowest power in the industry for next generation optical parallel transmission modules and active cables, the company asserts.

The chipset from IPtronics is designed to enable module manufacturers to compete with existing approaches mainly on power dissipation, but also parameters such as cost, weight, and EMI. Compared to copper links, system manufacturers will experience power savings of a factor of 10, IPtronics says. Compared to existing optical links, system manufacturers can expect 2X to 4X lower power than modules currently available in the marketplace, it adds.

This leads to improved system operational expenditure savings as well as capital expenditure savings, enabling system manufacturers to 'go green' as well as save money, the company concludes.

The devices are designed to be protocol agnostic and to be used in applications such as Infiniband DDR and QDR, proprietary links, 40 GbE and 100GbE, and much more. The IPtronics chips offer a wide operating range and thus the same silicon can enable 5, 6.25, 8.5, 10, 10.3, and 12.5G rates per channel.

The current 4x10G chip set, IPTA12G011 and IPVD12G011, is fully available. Information, samples and evaluation boards are available from IPtronics.

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