New receiver/emitter devices with low noise and wide dynamic range are designed for Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, SDH, and HDTV applications. The S7727/L7726 red LED/photo ICs cover data rates from 4 to 156 Mbit/s. Both devices are molded into miniature plastic packages with nonspherical lenses. The S7727 has a monolithic photo IC that makes it immune from external noise and provides output voltage compatible with P-ECL. The L7726 red LED has emission of 650 nm as well as a typical high-speed response of 100 MHz and output power of -1.5 dBm. The G7871/G7871-02, G7881, and G7882 receivers and L7892 emitter are for gigabit applications. The receiver devices are suitable for 0.8-, 1.3-, and 1.55-µm bands. The G7871/G7871-02 and G7881 are designed for 1 Gbit/s and housed in metal and SC receptacle packages, respectively. Designed for the 2.5-Gbit/s bandwidth, the G7882 and the L7892 come in pigtail packages.


Bridgewater, NJ

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