Ciena adds 40G capabilities to FlexSelect, CoreStream platforms

JUNE 11, 2007 -- Ciena says its FlexSelect 40G Shelf delivers a seamless, cost-optimized approach to 40G migration with the unique ability to enable in-service upgrades of single 40G wavelengths alongside existing 10G wavelengths.

JUNE 11, 2007 -- Ciena Corp. (search for Ciena), today announced the FlexSelect 40G Shelf, which it says is used to transition metro, regional, long-haul, and ultra long-haul networks to 40 Gbits/sec while providing a migration path for 100G networking.

Complementary to the installed based of CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platforms and CoreStream Agility Optical Transport Systems, Ciena's FlexSelect 40G Shelf delivers a seamless, cost-optimized approach to 40G migration with the unique ability to enable in-service upgrades of single 40G wavelengths alongside existing 10G wavelengths, say company representatives.

Generally available and already deployed in advanced networks, the FlexSelect 40G Shelf is an integral part of Ciena's approach to transitioning DWDM networks to 40G and eventually 100G. The addition of the FlexSelect 40G Shelf to Ciena's FlexSelect Architecture offers network operators the ability to transport 40G traffic and to upgrade current infrastructure to address bandwidth demands arising from the dramatic growth in residential triple play, streaming IP, business services, and other high-bandwidth applications. Ciena says it began 40G research and development in 2000 and has since participated in multiple live industry demonstrations and field tests. In anticipation of customer demand, all of Ciena's optical transport systems, including the CoreStream Agility and the CN 4200, were made 40G-ready by 2005, confirms the company.

"Bandwidth demands and 40G interfaces on routers are driving network operators to migrate their 10G networks to support 40G wavelengths in order to increase capacity and network efficiency," explains Eve Griliches, program manager at IDC. "Ciena's approach is appealing since it leverages installed equipment and management systems for in-service upgrades to 40G, allowing operators to deploy 40G wavelengths alongside existing 10G wavelengths for a flexible network migration that is driven by real demand," she says.

According to Ciena, the FlexSelect 40G Shelf features eight slots that support hot-swappable and wavelength-provisionable line cards with client interfaces, including serial 40G for SONET, SDH, and OTN, as well as 10G-multiplexed interfaces for SONET/SDH/OTN/Ethernet. The FlexSelect 40G Shelf also features full ITU G.709 OTN support. When combined with Ciena's FlexiPort technology, OTN extensions, and hybrid ROADM capabilities, it enables what the company claims is "unmatched efficiency" in aggregating, grooming and switching traffic from 10 Mbits/sec up to 40G.

In addition, the ability for network operators to add 40G wavelengths to 10G networks eliminates the need to re-engineer their networks for 40G transport and drives significant CAPEX and time-to-revenue savings, say Ciena representatives. The FlexSelect 40G Shelf employs advanced modulation format and dispersion compensation technology that brings engineering rules similar to those used for 10G wavelengths, thereby allowing non-40G fiber plant to be used.

"DWDM is one of the foundation technologies of this company, so we realize customers make decisions based upon much more than speed alone--they want seamless, lower-cost network migration paths combined with integrated management and intelligent automation," contends Steve Alexander, chief technology officer at Ciena. "Our in-service 40G migration strategy underscores the key principles of our FlexSelect Architecture--to give customers flexible and modular solutions for building and managing transport networks that reduce costs while empowering them to migrate networks and services at a pace driven by their business needs."

The FlexSelect 40G Shelf is fully integrated into Ciena's ON-Center Network and Service Management Suite. Combined with the FlexiPort programmable optical interfaces and sub-wavelength grooming and aggregation, customers can provision, manage, and monitor 10/100 Mbits/sec up to 40G services from one location with complete service transparency, say Ciena representatives.

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