NET, Bay Microsystems enter second phase of technology partnership

July 19, 2007
JULY 19, 2007 -- Network Equipment Technologies Inc. and Bay Microsystems Inc. have expanded their relationship to include joint development of high-speed, multi-service platforms using 40G networking processing technology.

JULY 19, 2007 -- Network Equipment Technologies Inc. (NET), provider of multi-service network exchange equipment for government and enterprise customers, and Bay Microsystems Inc. (search for Bay Microsystems), developer of high-speed programmable packet processor chipsets, have expanded their relationship to include joint development of high-speed, multi-service platforms using 40G networking processing technology. The next-generation platforms will deliver the performance demanded in Federal Government and global enterprise networks for high-speed, secure data transfer, say the companies.

Extending NET's NX5010 product capabilities, the 40G NX5020 now under development is expected to be the first of several next-generation NET platforms designed to deliver significant increases in throughput performance, interface density, and high-touch features, say NET representatives. The platforms will enable continuous operations by connecting isolated data centers, compute engines, and storage systems via an ultra high-speed, low-latency connection for mission-critical accessibility and compliance requirements.

Leveraging the current platform's protocol management of Infiniband over the wide area network (WAN), the NX5020 will connect these disparate compute and storage resources into a single pool of utilizable and interchangeable assets. Connecting and leveraging underutilized capital assets will allow businesses to accelerate business velocity while reducing overall infrastructure expense and providing improved disaster recovery capabilities, claims NET. For seamless integration into network topologies, NET's platforms will support multiple network interfaces such as 10GigE, OC-48, OC-192 ATM, and 4x Infiniband, as well as IP/MPLS and IPv6 for deployment flexibility and scalability in a compact 2RU format.

"This development effort is another strategic advance for our company toward our high-performance strategy, which enhances and extends the capabilities we can deliver to our customers," contends C. Nicholas Keating, president and CEO of NET. "This expanded partnership with Bay Microsystems will allow us to continue to provide our long-standing Federal customers with a solution that extends their real-time intelligence gathering capacity by delivering high-performance, multi-protocol, secure data transfer capabilities. With the growth in backup and recovery, high availability, and business continuity applications in enterprise markets, there is also a growing need for high performance and low latency in order to connect and synchronize multiple data centers, deliver high data accessibility, and facilitate rapid recovery from an unplanned outage," he continues. "The NX5020 is specifically designed to address this need."

"Our continuing partnership with NET leverages the core competencies of each company to deliver cutting edge solutions to the market," adds Chuck Gershman, founder, president, and CEO of Bay Microsystems. "The joint development of the NX5020 will result in the realization of the first system solutions to harness the full power of our 40G Chesapeake Network Processor, enabling us to deliver ultra high performance, low power, compact solutions and enhanced services to customers for deploying secure, high-speed, high-touch packet processing applications."

The NX5020 is scheduled to be generally available by mid-2008.

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