Fibre Channel analyzer

Feb 1st, 1999

Fibre Channel analyzer

The Gigabit Traffic-Jammer performs conformance and reliability testing on Fibre Channnel-based systems, using a real-time stimulus/response approach to verify error paths. It has two 254-Mbyte protocol trace analyzers for capturing both cause (the error condition) and effect (error path execution). A full-duplex device, it is designed to be inserted into a network between Fibre Channel devices, such as a host bus adapter and a bridge, hub, or loop. The system is independent of devices under test topology, operating equally well in point- to-point, loop, or fabric environments. Event comparators determine which frames or primitives will be replaced or modified. The capture function has independent triggering and real-time filtering for each trace analyzer. The system is priced at $125,000, including a PC with 21-inch monitor.

Finisar Corp.

Mountain View, CA

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