Viettel taps Juniper to advance its backbone network

Aug. 28, 2023
The service provider will deploy Juniper’s MX960 Universal Routing Platform and MX-SPC3 Services Cards to create a foundation for its nationwide offering.

Viettel Group, Vietnam’s largest telecom provider with a growing international footprint, has selected Juniper’s MX960 Universal Routing Platform for its network refresh. The upgrades will help Viettel better scale its consumer mobile and fixed broadband services, especially as networking demands from its increasingly its customers increase, aligning with the government’s push to drive economic growth through technology.

The country continues to solidify its position as a growing digital economy.

As home to over 77 million internet users, Vietnam has become Southeast Asia's fastest growing digital economy, owing to its booming e-commerce sector and increased adoption of digital services. The country is also ranked as Vietnam’s most valuable brand and one of the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in the World in 2022, Viettel has grown to become a global telecom force with over 70 million mobile subscribers worldwide. In Vietnam, the telco recently announced record growth, maintaining its market leader position with a 54% share of the mobile market and a 40% share of the fiber internet market.

Juniper has been part of Viettel’s ongoing mission to foster digital growth in Vietnam for over a decade, supplying the service provider its routing and security solutions for its core, edge and metro access networks. Viettel further deepened this partnership by selecting Juniper's MX960 Universal Routing Platform and MX-SPC3 Services Cards to enhance its carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) capacity to meet increasing traffic growth and leverage the additional processing power required for seamless network address translation.

To meet the growing demand for mobile and broadband services across urban and rural areas while maximizing its public IPv4 addresses, Viettel chose to upgrade its CGNAT capabilities. Among other key service capabilities, it seamlessly allows IPv4 and IPv6 to coexist in Viettel’s network. These upgrades have empowered Viettel to expand its consumer mobile and fixed broadband services efficiently, providing unparalleled experiences for their subscribers across a wide range of services, including gaming, streaming and work applications.

This latest upgrade gives Viettel has a foundation for growth as it maintains its position as a leading service provider in Vietnam while expanding its operations across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

“Three decades later, our goal remains simple: to integrate digital technology into all aspects of social life, ultimately serving the people and building a thriving digital society in Vietnam,” said Viettel Group. “This long-standing relationship with Juniper has enabled us to enhance our capacity and effectively handle the increasing traffic growth of our services. We look forward to working together to support Vietnam’s digital transformation goals and contribute to the development of a vibrant, connected society.”

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