Premier Products

Feb. 1, 2002
S-band enhancementsThe company has announced advancements for S-band amplification in a benchtop instrument using thulium-doped fluoride fiber pumped by laser diodes at 1055 nm. Gain has been demonstrated at >20 dB in the 1480-1485-nm range with a noise figure of <5.5 dB. The ASE produced by this unit allows it to be used as an ASE source. Results show average power levels >-20 dB/nm from 1450-1500 nm.INO, Ste. Foy, Quebec

Telephone and data multiplexer
The Data-Talker is a standalone four- to eight-channel telephone and data fiber-optic multiplexer for linking or extending data and telephone lines in campus networks. Distances up to 80 km are supported over singlemode fiber, 4 km over multimode fiber. The product can replace channel banks in many applications. The Data-Talker supports telephone channels from 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz and asynchronous data rates to 19.2 kbits/sec. The first four channels are for telephone only-the remaining four can be for either telephone or data.
TC Communications Inc., Irvine, CA

COMPONENTSOptical fiberThe BDF-EP fibers are specifically designed for increasing inscription efficiency of Bragg gratings for pump laser stabilization. The two fibers match the characteristics of standard fiber used for pigtailing but with the enhanced photosensitivity that allows avoiding the hydrogen loading. That leads to a great simplification of production process, a reduction of production time, and thus to an effective reduction of grating production costs.Corning OTI, Corning, NY

Connectors and adapters
These LC/APC connectors and adapters are designed for small-form-factor applications. The 8° LC/APC connectors are fully intermateable with current industry LC/APC products and deliver long-term stability under a range of application conditions. These connectors utilize tightly toleranced pre-angled zirconia ferrules to decrease the likelihood of low loss. The connectors feature high repeatability, low backreflections, ease of assembly, and patented metal backbody for added strength. An LC/APC adapter family to support LC/APC termination is also available.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

Parallel optical link module
The second generation of the company's 12-channel parallel optical link (PAROLI) features a ball grid array connector that allows the module to be easily plugged onto a PCB. Dubbed the PAROLI 2, the module transports more than 30 Gbits of data (12x2.7 Gbits/sec). The device utilizes 850-nm VCSELs connected by a fiber ribbon using a detector array. An MPO connector terminates the fiber. Running at less than 2 W for the pair, the device can be used for high-speed data links, OC-192 VSR applications, and board-to-board and shelf-to-shelf interconnects. The module will be available at the end of the month, with volume quantities available in the first half of 2002 at less than $800 a pair.
Infineon Technologies AG, Munich


Fiber termination panel
A high-density enhancement to the SMART platform of fiber termination panels and frames, the F19 termination products deliver a high fiber-optic port count in a 19-inch chassis size. Available in terminate-only configurations, high-density panels come standard with 24-, 48-, 72-, 96-, 144-, or 192-port configurations, which can deliver up to 1,152 fiber termination ports in a standard 7-ft frame. These panels have rugged construction and high-quality components that reduce the risk of fiber damage, lower maintenance costs, and enhance durability, according to the company.
Americable, Bloomington, MN


Power-meter option
The fully integrated power-meter option on the FTB-100 field-testing platform can provide field technicians with insertion-loss measurements along with basic OTDR testing. The FTB-100 platform tests LANs, WANs, and metro/access edge networks and handles maintenance and troubleshooting applications on long-haul networks. According to the company, the power-meter option "is very useful for optical-fiber link qualification" and has an "intuitive interface and file compatibility with post-processing software."
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc., Quebec City

Conformance test solution
The automated Generalized MPLS (GMPLS) RSVP protocol conformance test suite, available on the RouterTester platform, provides network equipment manufacturers with a comprehensive series of tests to verify that each GMPLS function meets the standard's specifications. The suite includes tests for the new link management protocol, used to manage and monitor interconnections between nodes in the GMPLS network. It also supports in-band and out-of-band testing and provides more than 200 scripted test cases for examining each of the actions specified in the GMPLS standard. Debugging features sequentially track and record all errors identified by the analysis software. Test cases can be customized to evaluate proprietary protocol extensions and store customized test objects and scripts for later reuse.
Agilent Technologies, San Jose, CA

Tunable laser
Designed for testing passive fiber-optic components, the 6500 series swept-wavelength tunable-laser source enables real-time adjustment and testing of both C- and L-band components during manufacture to help increase yield and throughput. The instrument features low noise figure of >70 dB while maintaining sweep speeds of 100 nm/sec, offers high power (6 dBm over the C+L-band) as an option, tunes at 100 nm/sec-enough speed to measure 40 channels or more in less than 1 sec, and can handle heavy 24-hours-a-day/seven-days-a-week duty cycles required on the manufacturing floor. In addition, the laser source has an icon-driven, intuitive touchscreen interface for immediate installation and a detachable LCD touchscreen to reduce footprint on the manufacturing line.
New Focus, Amsterdam

All-optical-switch platform
A high-speed, random-access, fiber-optic switch platform that offers low PDL and insertion loss, the OS 550 all-optical switch is used for network monitoring, component testing, and Telcordia qualification of WDM components. The bidirectional OS 550 utilizes a pair of Risley wedge prisms for beam steering and can randomly switch any of five input ports among any of 50 output ports, or vice versa. The device interfaces with standard SMF-28 optical fiber and operates over the 1280-1650-nm wavelength range. Control electronics and an optical-switch engine are contained in a single, standard, 19-inch rackmount package, and the unit can be operated by either front-panel controls or through RS-232 or IEEE-4888 GPIB interfaces.
Spectra-Physic, Mountain View, CA

Automated alignmentThe company's line of polarization extinction ratio meters has been upgraded, making them suitable for automated alignment applications. These applications include passive- and active-component packaging, MEMS construction, and polarization-maintaining fusion splicing. The new configuration allows the meter to operate as an optical signal monitor that measures coupling efficiency while aligning polarization-maintaining or singlemode fibers to optical components. The meter reports output powers with a digital readout rate of more than 600 samples/sec. The extinction ratio measurement system has been upgraded to provide a readout rate for the polarization exceeding four readings per second. The output power is also reported with the polarization extinction ratio and the polarization axis angle.OZ Optics Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario

Optoelectronics assembly line
This automated line for production and optoelectronic packages integrates the company's wire bonders and in-situ UV component assembly cell, which avoids problems inherent with "snap cure" methods such as out-gassing, very small batch sizes, and short work times. The hands-free recipe-driven process assembles the components in the package and performs the first-level interconnect necessary to provide the component's electrical connection to the outside world. The line is integrated with a high-volume fluid dispenser, reflow oven, plasma cleaner, and inspection machines.
Palomar Technologies, Vista, CA

Wavelength tunable laser
The 6500 series tunable-laser source provides a noise figure of >70 dB (low ASE option) while maintaining sweep speeds of 100 nm/sec. It provides wide mode hop-free tuning and more than 6 dBm of power (optional) over the C- and L-bands. The device also features an icon-driven touchscreen interface; the detachable LCD touchscreen reduces footprint on the manufacturing line. The company is now taking orders for shipments.
New Focus Inc., San Jose, CA