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Th 286640
Th 286640

The ClearCurve fiber distribution terminal is a small, simple, rugged interconnect between the fiber-optic network and drop cables, suited for fiber-to-the-multidwelling-unit (MDU) and fiber-to-the-business (FTTB) applications. The terminal can be mounted directly to any wall surface or pole in either indoor or outdoor applications, making it suitable for both high-rise and garden-style apartment buildings. The ClearCurve FDT is preterminated on the distribution side with outside plant or indoor/riser-rated cable stubs.
Corning Cable Systems,
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A family of SFP+ transceivers features 8G and 10G offerings that support new deployments in the data center, core, and backbone, and migration upgrades for storage applications. The portfolio includes the 10GBase-LRM, which utilizes a newly developed transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) that integrates a 1,310-nm Fabry-Perot laser diode along with a low-power dissipation laser diode driver to achieve <1.0 W power dissipation. The SFP+ will be available in MM and SM offerings.
ExceLight/Sumitomo Electric,
Th 286641

The P1TX6A-SX51 (TOSA) and P1RX6A-SX51 (receive optical subassembly�ROSA) are multichannel, bidirectional optical subassemblies allowing direct mapping of multiple TMDS signals over a single fiber. Specifically designed for copyright-protected video standards such as HDMI 1.3 and Display Port, the SX51 enables the highest performance video transmission available on a single fiber, according to the company. The SX51 is compatible with industry-standard SC connectors. The subassemblies are available in various package configurations to suit customers� price/performance criteria, including a quick-to-market module solution.
Omron Electronic Components LLC,

The company will be showcasing its resource and service control plane framework interworking northbound to the service/OSS layer and southbound to a multivendor Carrier Ethernet network, providing much needed multivendor integration as well as service automation and predictability. The Soapstone PNC framework maps services onto the network infrastructure, monitors what is actually occurring, and makes adjustments in real time. According to the company, the framework represents the industry�s first platform that closes the loop between service fulfillment and assurance to deliver a predictable service experience.
Soapstone Networks Inc.,
Th 286644

The SN 9000 intelligent multiservice switch cost-effectively integrates multiple bandwidth management functions into a single, highly compact system, including low-order (VT/VC) and high-order (OC-n/STM-n) switching, add/drop multiplexing, advanced Ethernet services, and integrated optical transport. The SN 9000 addresses multiservice aggregation and network migration challenges while leveraging end-to-end ASON/GMPLS-powered networking software and control plane intelligence to enable service differentiation and resiliency for fixed-line and mobile service providers, MSO/cable operators, government agencies, and utility network operators.
Sycamore Networks Inc.,

The new Silverstone HX300 product family integrates a fully programmable 100-Gbit/sec NPU with switching technology and advanced traffic management. The enhanced level of integration extends Carrier Ethernet services to the access market and enables FTTX mass deployment. Based on the company�s Dataflow Architecture, the HX300 product family delivers wirespeed deterministic performance for both metro and access platforms. According to the company, the new processors allow network equipment vendors to build carrier-class systems that reduce R&D costs, minimize risk, and accelerate time-to-market.
Th 286643

The edge10 system is the next-generation of PON networks. Delivering up to 10-Gbit/sec Ethernet services to any subscriber, the system also preserves customers� investment by operating with legacy network equipment and architectures. Density and scalability reduce per-subscriber costs dramatically. Small, medium, and large businesses plus residential and MDU subscribers are served with a complete offering of services: POTS and VoIP, RF and IP video, native T1/E1, and rich Ethernet.
Th 286645

At NXTcomm 2008, Ceterus Networks will launch the UTS4000 series of carrier-class native Ethernet products, delivering converged Ethernet and T1/E1 pseudowire services over Native Ethernet transport solutions, with flexible configurations supporting client Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, private management ports, and up to 24 T1/E1s. The UTS4000 series of products integrates easily into any wireless carrier, LEC, AAV, or IXC native Ethernet network, including Ethernet over SONET, Ethernet radio, direct on fiber or optical add/drop multiplexing (OADM) systems.
Ceterus Networks,
Th 286646

The 9700 series of Carrier Ethernet switch router (CESR) products enables operators to deliver the latest Ethernet, MPLS, and IP services from the metro core. This first transport-optimized Carrier Ethernet portfolio is also part of the company�s 1Net framework including all its fully integrated equipment and services enabling the evolution to NGN. The SR9700 family provides high wire-speed density, the ability to scale to 100 Gbits/sec per slot and 1 Tbit/sec per shelf in the future, and delivers multilayer management capabilities via its LightSoft NMS.
ECI Telecom,
Th 286647

The NetIron XMR Series backbone routers effectively address service provider challenges by offering state-of-the-art hardware and software design. With tremendous growth in Internet throughput, the NetIron XMR exceeds capacity requirements while also improving the use of the underutilized fiber infrastructure waiting to be leveraged. The routers can effectively leverage this expansive fiber infrastructure to enable advance load sharing, boosting capacity of 10-Gbit fiber trunks and creating more opportunity for carrier-grade transport.
Foundry Networks,

The CN 3180 is the first in a family of compact multiservice access platforms (MSAPs) that are optimized to enable the cost-effective convergence of wireless 2G, 3G, and 4G services over a high-bandwidth, packet-based, backhaul infrastructure. Located at the cell site, the temperature-hardened CN 3180 aggregates traffic from multiple TDM (T1/E1), ATM/IMA, and Ethernet base-station interfaces and, using pseudowire encapsulation, transports it over a Carrier Ethernet network to the mobile switching center.
Ciena Corp.,
Th 286648

The FLASHWAVE 9500 packet optical networking platform (packet ONP) provides the modular integration of Ethernet, reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing (ROADM), and SONET transport technologies in a single, addressable optical networking class element. The platform�s ROADM-on-a-card technology allows for bulk bandwidth delivery while maintaining operational simplicity and optical transmission performance at a high density. The system also supports connection-oriented Ethernet transport technology to deliver private-line quality packet aggregation and connectivity services in a unified Ethernet services network.
Th 286649

The Optelian RGN-10GXT 10-Gbit/sec transponder/regenerator is fully tunable across 89 ITU (C-Band) wavelengths. It supports 3R operation, rates from 9.953 to 11.3 Gbits/sec and SONET OC-192/FEC, 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) LAN PHY, 10GbE/FEC, 10G Fibre Channel, 10G FC/FEC formats. Electronic dispersion compensation extends the reach of the unit to more than 100 km. It can operate in four-port transponder mode (client-side XFP) interfaces and tunable network side (LR) interfaces or as a two-port regenerator.

The OpVista CX8 optical networking system extends the life of today�s metro and regional networks by enabling them to support 40G and 100G services with fiber capacity up to 8 Tbits/sec over a single fiber. The company�s portfolio utilizes a combination of patented photonic and modulation technologies to provide high bandwidth over existing fiber infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive network redesigns and allowing service providers to offer new services cost-effectively. According to the company, the CX8 leverages ROADM and packet aggregation technology to manage and deploy bandwidth intensive services more efficiently.

The TAG-12 is a customer premises equipment (CPE) unit demarcation device for metro Ethernet providers. The TAG-12 supports both MPLS and PBT and applies the company�s strategy of extending PBT to the customer edge to lower operational expenses and provide higher granularity of service-level agreement (SLA) management than currently available solutions. The unit supports advanced OAM from physical layer up to service layer and provides simplified monitoring and troubleshooting of services and applications.
Telrad Networks,
Th 286650

The Trident7 universal access platform represents next-generation optical access architecture by supporting ITU G.984 GPON, IEEE 802.3 GEPON (EFM PON), and IEEE 802.3 point-to-point access technologies from a common platform. The Trident7 product suite includes the optical line terminal (OLT), compact optical line terminal (COLT), and a diverse selection of optical network terminals (ONTs) to address the distribution and customer access portions of networks, as well as open standard management.
Wave7 Optics Inc.,
Th 286653

Linktropy WAN emulators are used to test the performance of applications in the lab under real-world network conditions. The WAN emulators simulate network bandwidth, latency, packet loss, congestion, and other link impairments to emulate terrestrial, Internet, wireless, satellite, or any other type of wide-area network. Linktropy appliances help address network emulation needs by combining ease-of-use with test lab-level precision.
Apposite Technologies,
Th 286654

InterWatch is a powerful and robust carrier-class test platform for VoIP and IMS networks, providing flexibility, performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Used by leading equipment manufacturers and network operators to simulate real-world network load before deployment, the unit performs various test types such as feature, negative, load, regression, interoperability, and scalability. A single platform can emulate up to 256,000 subscribers and generate thousands of sessions per second while combining voice, video, and DTMF media.
EXFO, www.exfo.comTh 286658

Reportedly the first all-optical matrix switch, the N-OSM features a dedicated RS-232 serial interface for minimal communications latency and is capable of completing an entire matrix switchover in less than 10 msec. It exhibits low electrical power consumption and contains all necessary drive and control electronics integrated into the module. The 16�16 module size supports integration onto a 6U card form factor, and both standard and extended (hermetic) packaging are available.
Polatis, www.polatis.comTh 286657

The OmniReach FDH 3000 in-hub distribution splice option arms engineers with more design choices to deliver FTTP services to residences, enterprises, or other locations. This new deployment option allows technicians to splice distribution cables within the hub in applications where splice case access beyond the hub is either not available or undesirable. The new FDH 3000 splice configuration is currently available in three cabinet sizes (144, 288, and 432).

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