Th 297540
Th 297540

Standard singlemode coupler/splitters are used to either combine two or more signals into one or split one signal into multiple paths. They are available in 1�2, 1�3, 1�4, 1�8, 1�16, 1�32, 2�2, and 2�4 configurations with all industry-standard fiber-optic connectors and polishes. Each singlemode coupler/splitter can be purchased in either a ruggedized plastic housing with 3-mm leads or a low-profile stainless steel tube for high-density equipment requirements.
Timbercon Inc.,

The GX6155 Mach-Zehnder modulator driver is targeted at 10-Gbit/sec 300-pin transponder applications for long-haul and metro communication links. Key features of the GX6155 include ceramic package (which improves manufacturability), full RoHS compliance and compatibility with RoHS soldering profiles, castellations in the package to aid manufacturing quality control, and low power consumption. The driver is backward-compatible with non-RoHS (tin-lead—SnPb) soldering and is footprint-compatible to the company's current iT6155 as well as competitor modulator drivers. It provides adjustable output amplitude as well as an adjustable eye crossing point.
GigOptix LLC,

The SMARTPACK TPOX3203 20-Gbit/sec packet optical engine provides a highly integrated chip approach for carrier Ethernet over OTN. Designed specifically for Packet-Optical Transport Network (P-OTN) applications, the TPOX3203 integrates connection-oriented Ethernet (PBB-TE, T-MPLS, and PWE3/VPLS) switching and traffic management with a full 10-Gbit/sec OTU-2 OTN packet mapper in a single device. Standard Ethernet and VLAN switching, including Q-in-Q, is also supported. The offering scales to 40-Gbit/sec packet switching and 2� OTU-2 interfaces making it suitable for P-OTN packet add/drop multiplexing in reconfigurable OADM (ROADM) networks. Based on an Altera Stratix III FPGA, the device is also fully customizable.

The SY88212L stand-alone 2.5-Gbit/sec laser diode driver (LDD) with integrated automatic power control (APC) and a power monitoring feature keep average optical power constant during temperature changes and over the lifetime of the laser. The driver is designed with high compliance voltage, allowing it to be DC-coupled to the laser to reduce external component count and power consumption. The SY88212L is a single-supply, 3.3-V laser driver designed for datacom and telecom applications, including LAN and MAN with any data rates up to 2.5 Gbits/sec. Such applications include FC, GbE, SONET, OC-3/-12/-24/-48, and SDH, STM 1/4/8. The device is also suited for SFF and SFP modules. The IC is currently available in volume, and pricing starts at $3 for 1K quantity.
Micrel, www.micrel.comTh 297542

The OptoCooler UPF40 thin-film thermoelectric cooler module is designed for optoelectronic applications with high heat-flux requirements. The module is suited for the cooling and temperature control of optoelectronic devices such as semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) and laser diodes. The device can pump a heat density of up to 72 W/cm2 at 25°C and can move a maximum of 3.7 W of heat with an active footprint of 5.1 mm2. The module can be used for a number of optoelectronic applications such as high-bright LEDs, laser diodes, VCSELs, and detectors. The company's thin-film thermoelectric products are manufactured in volume with the Thermal Copper Pillar Bump process, which integrates thin-film thermoelectric material into the solder bumped interconnects that provide mechanical and electrical connections for today's high-performance/high-density integrated circuits.
Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc.,

Narrow linewidth, low phase noise, and high-power DFB array-based widely tunable lasers enable the efficient transition of networks to 40-Gbit/sec and 100-Gbit/sec rates by enabling advanced modulation techniques with coherent detection. The offerings have the tunability and flexibility to support diverse modulation schemes. These devices are rated at 30-mW and 40-mW optical power and have typical linewidth of 250 kHz and instantaneous linewidth of about 100 kHz. The lasers are widely tunable over C or L band and are available in butterfly or module form factors.
Santur Corp.,

Multiplay test products
The N2X Multiservices Test Solution combines line-rate, hardware-based performance statistics for video, voice, and data services on the same test port. The N2X provides scalable hardware-based, triple-play traffic generation and analysis based on user-defined subscriber profiles. Each test port displays video media quality and IPTV channel-zapping metrics along with voice Mean Opinion Score and data forwarding performance measurements. This capability allows network equipment manufacturers and service providers to identify how the number and behavior of subscribers and traffic mix affects overall quality of experience, and to validate the triple-play readiness of network infrastructure equipment prior to deployment. The J6900A Triple Play Analyzer is an in-service monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting tool for voice, data, and video applications. Designed as a component of the Triple Play Analyzer platform, the analyzer enables service providers and network equipment manufacturers to accelerate deployments of Microsoft Mediaroom-based IPTV services.
Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.comTh 297543

The P-Series OptiCop 10G Converger provides non-intrusive monitoring access for Packet over SONET/SDH (PoS) networks. The converger can translate 10G PoS traffic into Ethernet traffic to enable service providers to leverage their existing GbE and 10-GbE tool investments, and enable test and monitoring access across any network topology. Its out-of-band broadband monitoring access lets service providers optimize tool port usage without degrading the service or distorting the results. Using the company's Hybrid Inspection Technology (HIT), OptiCop 10G Converger empowers service providers with packet inspection and filtering capabilities that can separate the traffic at the service level and distribute it to the appropriate network monitoring tools from a single network tap or span port. The tools can monitor SONET/SDH PoS circuits ranging from OC-3/STM-1 through OC-192/STM-64 and monitor multiple circuits in either half- or full-duplex scenarios.
NetQuest Corp.,

The SunLite GigE palm-sized GbE tester helps telecom and broadband service providers meet the demands of using Ethernet to deliver robust and differentiated services to their business and municipal customers. The unit provides multi-stream, multi-service testing capability for installation and maintenance of differentiated Ethernet and triple-play services. Using the SunLite GigE, field technicians can verify end-to-end transport of Gigabit Ethernet/IP traffic, transmit and analyze eight independent streams, and run test methodology based on RFC2544. Technicians can use the device to determine throughput, link utilization, latency, and IP connectivity. The unit's GbE, 10/100/1000Base-T, and 1000Base-X interfaces enable copper and fiber GbE testing in the same tester. The unit boots up rapidly and runs cool without a fan, delivering the long battery life required for complete installation and maintenance of metro Ethernet, IP services, and network elements including switches and routers. It features an intuitive GUI, high-resolution color screen, and simple test profile creation and sharing.
Sunrise Telecom, Th 297544

The FiberMASTER portable five-wavelength fiber testing kit measures critical power and optical signal loss on standard wavelength windows, as well as on FTTx applications. At the heart of the FiberMASTER is a five-wavelength power meter with calibration function that stores reference power levels for quick decibel-loss measurements, therefore eliminating the requirement to manually calculate loss. When joined with the included 850-nm "docking" light source, the power meter measures fiber-optic power in milliwatts (mW) and decibel-milliwatts (dBm), as well as fiber signal loss at 850-, 1300-, 1310-, 1490-, and 1550-nm wavelengths. The power meter with an 850-nm source is priced at $749, while 850- and 1300-nm sources are priced at $95. The unit comes with universal and FC adapters for the meter interface, and free SC, ST, and FC adapters for the light source.
Ideal Industries, Th 297545

The Noyes OPM4-FTTx PON handheld power meter has an integrated visual fault locator (VFL) to measure downstream optical power at 1490 and 1550 nm simultaneously in FTTx PONs. Using the "set reference" feature, comparisons can be made between 1490- and 1550-nm power levels measured at different parts of the network. The meter features a large dual-wavelength, backlit LCD display and indicates power at both wavelengths in units of dBm or µW, and remaining battery life.
AFL Telecommunications,

HD port shelf
The high-density (HD) 384-port shelf on the company's 5500 digital crossconnect system enables service providers to obtain 32� the port densities of the company's older 5500 digital crossconnect systems. In the same amount of rack space, the HD384 port shelf reportedly delivers 400% more capacity than the current HD96 port shelf. Each circuit of the new port shelf uses up to 80% less energy than previous circuits. The shelf can be integrated into existing networks and can co-exist with previously deployed versions of the shelf on the same rack.
Tellabs, www.tellabs.comTh 297547

The keyed LC Fiber Optic System facilitates secure, modular, end-to-end keyed connectivity for all LC cabling and interconnect elements in the enterprise—from the main equipment room to the desk. The system comprises keyed LC versions of Opti-Core Patch Cords and Pigtails, OptiCam Pre-Polished Cam Connectors, Opticom Fiber Adapter Panels, and Mini-Com Adapter Modules. These components use color-specific keys with positive and negative keying features that mechanically and visually distinguish connectivity to prevent unauthorized mating with unlike keyed or non-keyed adapters. The key design provides the strictest keying integrity available to help comply with physical layer security practices, and also addresses identification and authorization aspects of the Defense Information Systems Agency's Security Technical Implementation Guides.

Dry cloth IBC Brand Cleaners for mated and unmated connectors are used for single fiber connectors residing in the bulkhead adapter or loose on a cable assembly. The cleaners are made to clean both ultra (UPC) and angled polished (APC) ferrules. The IBC Brand Cleaner SC is a universal 2.5-mm cleaner effective at removing contaminants from SC, FC, and ST connectors. The IBC Brand Cleaner LC is a universal 1.25-mm cleaner that removes contaminants from LC, LC secure keyed, and MU connectors. The IBC Brand Cleaners are disposable and give up to 500-plus cleanings per unit and clean a surface area of 800 µm. The cleaners are molded with an antistatic material and use a specially woven cleaning fiber that carefully lifts and removes harmful contaminants without damaging the ferrule's end face. The cleaner is engaged by using a simple pushing motion.
US Conec Ltd., www.usconec.comTh 297548

Available in 12-fiber mini and 24-fiber high-density versions, the splice trays protect and manage heat shrink style spliced fibers. Each tray accommodates 250- or 900-µm singlemode or multimode fiber with wide channels that reduce congestion. The clear cover offers improved fiber visibility. Ratchet action clamps with foam rubber padding secure incoming and outgoing fibers without crimping, and multiple tie-down holes provide attachment points for incoming fiber. The 12-Fiber Mini and 24-Fiber High Density Splice Trays are compatible with the company's LightSpace CPC/CPS Wall Mount Series and Opt-X Series Fiber Enclosures.
Leviton Network Solutions,

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