Marconi and Larscom demo Multilink Frame Relay solution

March 12, 2003
12 March 2003 -- Marconi and Larscom have demonstrated a Multilink Frame Relay solution that helps service providers deliver bandwidth "quickly and in cost-effective increments".

12 March 2003 -- Marconi and Larscom have demonstrated a Multilink Frame Relay solution that helps service providers deliver bandwidth "quickly and in cost-effective increments".

With this solution, service providers can now offer enterprises incremental bandwidth services - say, 6Mbit/s (4xT1) - for a fraction of the cost of a T3, which can run 700% to 1,200% more than the cost of a T1 using either ATM or Frame Relay.

The partners say that the demonstration proves the effective interoperability of Marconi's ASX(tm) and TNX(tm) line of switch-routers equipped with channelised DS-3 Frame Relay line cards and the Larscom 6000, an IP- and Frame Relay-Aware Multilink Access device for the customer's premise.

Marconi's channelised DS-3 Frame Relay cards allow service providers to provision the incremental bandwidth from their Points of Presence. Following the successful interoperability demonstration, the solution is now available for testing and quick deployment by service providers and other network operators.

Henry Goldberg, Senior Analyst, WAN & Service Provider Research for In-State/MDR, said, "Addressing the growing demand for bandwidth in an economical way is an important part of restoring health to the telecommunications industry, because adding new bandwidth can be expensive.

"Increasing from a T1 circuit, or 1.544Mbit/s, to a T3 circuit providing 45Mbit/s is costly on a per-month basis and takes time to deploy, if it is available.

"Offering a compelling solution for this growing market, Marconi and Larscom have demonstrated how service providers can deliver the bandwidth their customers need that is both cost-effective, quick to deploy and easily managed."

Multilink Frame Relay, a standards-based packet transport protocol developed through the Frame Relay Forum, reduces cost and saves time by bundling inexpensive and quickly provisioned T1 circuits in incremental steps matched to the bandwidth needs of the enterprise.

Recent improvements in technology, an updated specification from the Frame Relay Forum and the need to squeeze the maximum return from existing network assets help make Multilink Frame Relay a competitive solution to meet enterprise bandwidth requirements and a compelling source of new revenue for service providers.

"There is a significant untapped market for affordable Frame Relay services that offer more bandwidth than a T1, yet less than a T3," said Gurdip Jande, Larscom's vice president of Marketing.

"The demonstration of this economical solution by Larscom and Marconi offers the first real alternative that allows service providers to economically capitalize on this opportunity while leveraging their existing network infrastructure."

The solution demonstrated by Marconi and Larscom takes advantage of Marconi's channelised DS-3 Frame Relay card, which allows service providers to provision bandwidth as it is needed by an enterprise without forcing them to buy a whole DS-3 circuit. The solution is a technologically elegant and financially sensible response to market demands.

"The high port density per square foot of rack space with Marconi's ASX and TNX line of switch-routers and Larscom's customer premise platform deliver cost-effective services that enterprises need and new revenue streams for service providers," said Tom Murray, vice president of marketing for Marconi's Broadband Routing and Switching group.

"Marconi's and Larscom's Multilink Frame Relay solution gives service providers new options for extending the life and revenue-generating capabilities of their current Frame Relay networks, thereby addressing a growing market with incremental new investment."

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