'First' 2.5Gbit/s channelised GFP SONET/SDH Framer for RPR

7 march 2003 -- Cypress Semiconductor is sampling what it claims is the industry's first 2.5Gbit/s channelised SONET/SDH framer with Generic Framing Procedure.

7 march 2003 -- Cypress Semiconductor is sampling what it claims is the industry's first 2.5Gbit/s channelised SONET/SDH framer with Generic Framing Procedure.

The POSIC2G framer (CY7C9537) provides support for both resilient packet ring (RPR) protocol operation at OC-48/STM-16 (2.5 Gbit/s) rates and for advanced solutions for existing data transport infrastructure.

This addition broadens Cypress' packet-over-SONET integrated circuit (POSIC) portfolio of framers and optimises voice, data, multimedia and cost-effective Ethernet services over SONET/SDH networks.

The framer supports efficient RPR mapping with GFP, providing an increase in effective data bandwidth compared with other encapsulating protocols such as HDLC.

GFP is a method of encapsulating any protocolincluding Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Enterprise System Connection and Digital Video Broadcast for transport over a SONET/SDH network. Using the POSIC2G framer in GFP mode, RPR packets transparently travel within the SONET/SDH frame over the existing telecommunications infrastructure.

Channelisation enables service providers to configure a number of individual channels that subdivide the bandwidth of a larger interface (OC-48). This provides better Quality of Service (QoS) options for client traffic and simplifies the design and operation of network equipment.

"The POSIC2G device offers a flexible platform solution for our framer requirements," said Philip Kruzinski, director of hardware engineering at Luminous Networks. "It has simplified our linecard design, helping us to reduce our time-to-market with industry leading RPR systems."

"The metro bottleneck will only get worse as more services such as voice-over-IP, video and data-centric computing, become ubiquitous," said Deepak Sharma, marketing manager of Cypress�s Data Communications Division.

"By enabling RPR implementations, the POSIC2G framer allows support of the newer services while simultaneously supporting traditional carrier-class features such as resiliency, restoration and quality of service."

Resilient packet ring technology is designed for efficient transport of packet data over a ring topology. This technology simultaneously supports traditional carrier-class features such as performance monitoring, resiliency, and data restoration, while offering newer services for packet data and latency sensitive traffic. Operating at Layer 2 (data link), RPR allows service providers to harness the capacity of SONET/SDH and empowers them to offer profitable Ethernet services

POSIC Framers
The POSIC2G device is the most recent addition to Cypress�s portfolio of POSIC SONET/SDH framers. The POSIC2G framer is pin compatible with the revolutionary POSIC2GVC device, enabling a risk free migration of designs to next-generation features. The POSIC2GVC OC-48/STM-16 framer provides virtual concatenation per ITU G.707.

For further information regarding POSIC2G go to the Cypress website at www.cypress.com/products/datasheet.cfm?partnum=CY7C9537-BLI

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