Level 3 extends deal with web host Mesh Solutions

11 April 2003 London, Lightwave Europe -- Level 3 Communications has expanded its agreement to provide colocation and IP transit services to Mesh Solutions.

11 April 2003 London -- Level 3 Communications has signed a new expanded agreement to provide colocation and IP transit services to Mesh Solutions, one of Europe's leading web hosting companies.

Mesh will increase its use of (3)Center Colocation and (3)Crossroads Internet access in Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Paris. Mesh also purchased metropolitan dark fibre in Düsseldorf.

"We chose Level 3 because its carrier-neutral data centres and high-quality IP transit service provides us with reliable connectivity to the public Internet," said Human Gharavi, Mesh's md. "Level 3's broadband infrastructure offers the premium performance and scalability to provide our customers with the highest quality and affordable web hosting services."

Level 3 operates one of the largest IP backbone that spans 57 North American markets and 16 European markets and is accessible from more than 550 traffic aggregation points. In a recent ISP backbone test conducted for Network World,

Level 3's core IP network delivered 100% uptime - one of only three networks to do so. Those test results also revealed that Level 3 achieved 0% packet loss, and average jitter of only 13µs.

More information at www.level3.com

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