Avici shows interoperability of its MPLS Fast Reroute solution

12 February 2003 -- Avici Systems demonstrated interoperability of its MPLS Fast Reroute solution in the multi-vendor MPLS interoperability test in Paris, last week.

12 February 2003 -- Avici Systems demonstrated interoperability of its MPLS Fast Reroute solution in the multi-vendor MPLS interoperability test at the MPLS Congress in Paris, last week.

Avici and 13 other suppliers demonstrated the capability of multi-vendor MPLS technology and equipment to meet the real world requirements of service providers.

The demonstration consisted of a network running two major MPLS signaling protocols�RSVP-TE in the core and LDP at the edge of the network - allowing VPN services to be established over the hierarchical network.

The focus was on demonstrating scalability of multi-vendor VPNs (Layer 2 and 3) and interoperability of MPLS Fast Reroute. The MPLS Forum and the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC), in cooperation with the ETSI Interoperability Service, and Upperside organised the event.

Avici successfully tested interoperability for MPLS technology, applications and services during a staging at the EANTC labs in Berlin, Germany, between January 20 and January 24, 2003.

As part of the EANTC/MPLS Forum interoperability test, Avici Systems demonstrated key MPLS-based services, including Fast Reroute.

MPLS Fast Reroute allows instantaneous recovery of MPLS connections after a link or node failure. During the testing, Avici Systems achieved recovery times well below 45ms, proving that a fully protected MPLS network can be constructed without having to rely on costly Sonet/SDH Automatic Protection Switching (APS).

The fast reroute testing was based on the latest IETF specification (draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-lsp-fastreroute-01). Fast Reroute is a key MPLS feature for the development of next-generation Internet services and is utilized to efficiently provision node and link protection for minimizing packet loss in the event of a link or node failure.

The Fast Reroute capable MPLS core network consisted of 7 Packet over SONET (POS) and 5 Gigabit Ethernet links. Avici claims to be "the first and only vendor to publicly demonstrate both the MPLS Fast Reroute facility (bypass) and detour backup alternatives". In both scenarios, Avici routers were able to set up protected paths in under 45ms.

"There is a continued commitment by Avici Systems to deliver leading edge interoperable MPLS-based solutions to service providers to enable them to deliver value added services such as VPNs to their customers," said Gabriele Schrenk, Managing Director of EANTC.

"This latest round at the EANTC provides carriers with an opportunity to witness MPLS interoperability among the industry's leading vendors. The testing identified network scenarios in which interoperability was achieved between the vendors, bringing the industry closer to building next-generation networks comprised of new IP-based services."

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