NetScout delivers real-time probe for monitoring high-speed packet over SONET networks

Sept. 24, 2001
Sept. 24, 2001--NetScout Systems, Inc., a provider of network performance management solutions, announced a probe to provide real-time visibility into the performance of Packet over SONET networks.

NetScout Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTCT), a provider of network performance management solutions, announced a probe to provide real-time visibility into the performance of Packet over SONET (POS) networks. Developed in response to the rapidly growing need for highly reliable optical-backbone technology in the enterprise market, the new nGenius Probe 9300 offers visibility into performance-sensitive IP applications. Until now, no sophisticated monitoring technology existed to view the application traffic running over SONET links.

Three factors have driven the growth of Packet over SONET in the enterprise: (1) the growth in the volume of corporate Internet traffic; (2) the adoption of IP as the primary backbone protocol; and (3) the efficiency of Packet over SONET in handling IP traffic more efficiently than ATM by eliminating the "cell tax" derived from breaking the packet into smaller cells. By monitoring the OC-3 and OC-12 links, the nGenius Probe 9300 sheds light on the performance of the IP applications running over them.

The nGenius Probe 9300 delivers rich information that shows enterprise network managers what applications and by whom are running across their POS network, where performance problems exist and why. The probe's dual-port design allows monitoring of network traffic over redundant SONET links without interruption, even in the event of a failure. The nGenius Probe 9300 supports all NetScout extensions, such as application response times, VoIP and custom applications, for total visibility into the POS network.

NetScout's nGenius Performance Management system combines the rich POS data with data from probes on other network segments and data from network devices to provide a comprehensive view of enterprise network performance. Through intuitive reports and real-time management, customers have the deep level of visibility required to stop problems before they impact services.

The nGenius Probe 9300 starts at $30,000 and is available immediately.

About NetScout Systems:

NetScout Systems, Inc. is a provider of network performance management solutions for companies and service providers. For more information, visit

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