Santera Systems inks deal with Taiwan Fixed Network

Sept. 25, 2001--Santera Systems Inc., a provider of next-generation switching solutions, announced its first international customer, Taiwan Fixed Network.

Santera Systems Inc., a provider of next-generation switching solutions, announced its first international customer, Taiwan Fixed Network (TFN). TFN plans to use the SanteraOne switch as a packet-tandem solution initially, and later to handle Next Generation Class 5 traffic as the demand for new bandwidth-intensive applications increases. TFN is a private telecom service providers that has received fixed-line operating licenses to allow them to offer voice and data services that compete with the incumbent.

SanteraOne is a next-generation switching solution that allows carriers to offer both voice and data services at affordable prices to subscribers. SanteraOne is a carrier-grade integrated voice and data switching solution delivering key applications such as full feature Class 4/5, PRI Offload, packet/cell switching and Voice over Broadband (VoB) services all on a single platform. SanteraOne has both circuit (TDM) and packet fabrics and supports all of the regulatory requirements of a legacy system (including LNP, CALEA and E911) enabling a graceful migration from traditional circuit-based networks to next generation packet-based technology such as ATM, Frame Relay & IP. SanteraOne is comprised of the Open Feature Exchange (OFX), which includes a media gateway controller, signaling gateway and an applications server; the SanteraOne Broadband Office Exchange (BoX), which is a high-density media gateway; and the SanteraOne element management system (NetScan) that delivers common GUI-based management of the complete system.

On February 16, 2001 Taiwan Fixed Network Co., Ltd. was officially granted an Integrated Network License by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan. Taiwan Fixed Network has built a nationwide high-capacity transmission backbone network with advanced switching technology and subscriber line equipment that supports a variety of access interfaces. This allows Taiwan Fixed Network to provide voice and data transmission, and other value-added multimedia for domestic and global customers. Taiwan Fixed Network offers carriers, corporate customers as well as residential customers extensive range of telecommunications services, including 006 International Direct Dialing, long-distance and local telephone services, intelligent network services, leased line services, managed data services, high speed broadband Internet access services.

About Santera:

Santera Systems Inc., located in Plano, Texas, offers a carrier-class next-generation switch with both trunk and line functionality, enabling true circuit to packet migration. In its core applications of enhanced voice switching, integrated voice and data switching, and voice over broadband, Santera delivers significant capital and operating cost efficiencies of 50 to 80 percent. For more information, visit

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