Extreme Networks debuts PBB-TE offering

MARCH 10, 2008 -- Extreme Networks says its PBB-TE offering comprises new software and hardware, as well as a strategic relationship with control plane partner Soapstone Networks to address the needs of this growing market.

MARCH 10, 2008 -- Extreme Networks Inc. (search for Extreme Networks) today announced the general availability of its complete Provider Backbone Bridging-Traffic Engineering (search for PBB-TE) offering, which spans from the edge of the network through the metro core. The PBB-TE offering comprises new software and hardware, as well as a strategic relationship with control plane partner Soapstone Networks to address the needs of this growing market.

"We found four of ten service providers either trialing or planning trials for PBT in 2006," reports Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corporation. "By January 2007, that went to six of ten, and in May to eight of ten. By the end of 2007, it was ten of ten. Extreme Networks' PBB-TE solution positions them well to take advantage of this dramatic shift in carrier mindset."

"Our new PBB-TE solution provides the key building blocks that allow service providers to choose a path towards an economical network infrastructure that is both deterministic and simple to deploy," explains Peter Lunk, director of service provider marketing for Extreme Networks. "After listening to our customers' needs, we developed a PBB-TE solution that addresses the metro market from edge to core."

Extreme Networks representatives say the benefits of PBB-TE include lower capital and operational expenditures, carrier class resiliency, simplified provisioning and troubleshooting with deterministic network performance, and a familiar operating model. To take advantage of these benefits, a PBB-TE offering needs to fit the typical service provider deployment model, which requires software to support interconnection to the MPLS core, PBB-TE-capable hardware from the edge to the core, and a management and provisioning system to enable automated service creation.

• Software: Extreme Networks says its software component, found in the ExtremeXOS 12.1, enables service providers to take advantage of the determinism and simplicity of PBB-TE while protecting the investment they have made in their existing MPLS core. This software supports PBB-TE functionality as well as a PBB-TE to VPLS gateway capability, which enables the inter-connection of PBB-TE tunnels to a VPLS core network.

• Hardware: Extreme Networks hardware release comprises two new modules for the BlackDiamond 12800 series switches--one focused on the core and the other on the edge. For the core, a new management module, the MSM-6R, provides enhanced scalability for the VPLS network inter-connections, claims the company, while at the edge, the new XM-2HR interface module reduces costs by combining a 10-GE port and 10 GE ports onto a single board, bringing the benefits of PBB-TE to a platform suitable for the network edge.

• Control Plane: The third piece of Extreme's PBB-TE offering is a strategic relationship with Soapstone Networks to provide external control plane software. Soapstone has completed integration of the new ExtremeXOS 12.1 release supporting PBB-TE in its Provider Network Controller (PNC) software package. This package helps automate the entire service lifecycle by providing provisioning, monitoring, optimization, and planning software for PBB-TE networks.

The BlackDiamond 12804R switch with the ExtremeXOS release 12.1 supporting both PBB-TE and the PBB-TE to VPLS gateway functionality is now available. Including the new MSM-6R, pricing for a complete system starts at $80,000 List Price. The BlackDiamond 12802R PBB-TE edge switch is also available now with list pricing that starts at $30,000 for a system, including chassis, power supplies, fans, ten ports of Gigabit Ethernet, and one 10-Gigabit Ethernet port.

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