Aurora Networks chooses Zarlink's circuit emulation technology

DECEMBER 10, 2008 -- Aurora Networks is using Zarlink's Circuit Emulation Services-over-Packet (CESoP) equipment to help meet strict MEF 18 certification requirements.

DECEMBER 10, 2008 -- Aurora Networks Inc. (search for Aurora Networks), provider of advanced optical transport systems for broadband networks, is using Zarlink Semiconductor's (search for Zarlink Semiconductor) Circuit Emulation Services-over-Packet (CESoP) equipment to help meet strict Metro Ethernet Forum 18 (MEF 18) certification requirements. MEF 18 certification is an emerging requirement by network operators as they deploy new equipment to carry revenue-generating traffic over converged packet networks.

Aurora Networks' recently released GT3410A T1/E1 Access Module incorporates Zarlink's ZL 50120 CESoP processor in the design and has received MEF 18 certification. Zarlink says its CESoP provides critical TDM-over-packet and timing capabilities to enable Carrier Ethernet performance required for emerging applications, including wireless backhaul of TDM-based services over mobile broadband networks.

"MEF 18 certification is a critical benchmark for service providers as they seek solutions to seamlessly deliver TDM services over Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet networks," reports Luis Yu, senior product manager at Aurora Networks. "Our focus is to provide scalable, cost-effective solutions for cable providers as they develop this market. Zarlink's highly integrated CESoP solution has allowed us to efficiently design and deploy an MEF 18 certified access module targeting this growing market."

"The ZL50120 processor enables seamless delivery of delay-sensitive TDM traffic with low jitter and minimal packet delay and packet delay variation to meet MEF 18 synchronization requirements," adds Bruce Ernhofer, product segment manager with Zarlink's Communication Products group. "Zarlink'sIZL50120 processor is an easy-to-implement solution that simplifies design, with built-in timing performance to fully meet MEF 18 under packet delay, packet loss, and network impairment conditions," he claims.

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