Pannaway delivers mobile backhaul options to telecom providers

APRIL 2, 2008 -- Pannaway says its new Broadband Access Switch (BAS)-150 leverages standards-based technology to deliver T1 services for mobile backhaul and business customers over cost-effective Ethernet transport.

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APRIL 2, 2008 -- Pannaway Networks, formerly known as Pannaway Technologies (search for Pannaway Technologies), recently announced the availability of its Broadband Access Switch (BAS)-150. Leveraging pseudowire technology, the BAS-150 enables service providers to establish "virtual wires" for the transport of traditional TDM services along the same cost-effective, high performance, converged Ethernet transmission path, explain company representatives.

Pannaway says the BAS-150 is an integral component of its Service Convergence Network (SCN) architecture and provides yet another tool to enable service providers to evolve their legacy networks to Ethernet/IP at will.

The BAS-150 is particularly valuable for carriers who currently provide or plan to offer backhaul services to mobile operators, note company representatives. Wireline service providers can also leverage Ethernet pseudowires to provide business services and to transition existing T-1 based services off platforms that are nearing their end of life.

The BAS-150 employs an IETF standards-based approach to circuit emulation over Ethernet via Pseudowire Emulation Edge to Edge (PWE3), including both SAToP (Structure Agnostic Transport over Packet) and CESoPSN (Circuit Emulation Service over Packet Switched Network) modes, ensuring multi-vendor interoperability.

"Pannaway's BAS-150 is of tremendous value to the service provider community because of its unique capabilities, standards-based implementation, and price performance," contends Brad Hansen, chief operating officer of fixed operations for Nsight. "It won't be long before mobile base stations evolve to Ethernet backhaul. The BAS-150 allows for growth based on T1s and stands ready in its current form to provide GigE backhaul when the radios are ready for it."

The BAS-150 adheres to IETF Standards for transporting non-IP services over a packet switched network and provides support for two different models:
• SAToP (Structure Agnostic Transport over Packet) Full T1/E1; and
• CESoPSN (Circuit Emulation Service over Packet Switched Network) Channelized T1s.

Further, the BAS-150 is fully interoperable with other PWE3-compliant devices and backwards compatible with Pannaway's existing line of products, including the Broadband Access Manager (BAM).

"The BAS-150 is yet another example of Pannaway's agility, allowing us to quickly design, build, and implement products in response to the needs of the marketplace," asserts Ed Buchner, vice president of corporate marketing at Pannaway Networks. "We are 100% committed to helping telecom service providers move their business model forward through the delivery of new, all Ethernet-based IP services."

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The BAS-150 is fully interoperable with other PWE3-compliant devices.
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