Banco Mercantil do Brasil deploys Tellabs packet-optical transport system

Banco Mercantil do Brasil has deployed the Tellabs 7100 Nano packet-optical transport system in an upgrade and expansion of its independent communications network. While packet-optical transport systems may be most closely associated with service providers, Banco Mercantil do Brasil is one of dozens of Fortune 500 companies that have deployed the 7100 Nano Optical Transport System, Tellabs (NASDAQ: TLAB) asserts.

Financial institutions that need fast, reliable, low-latency connections for stock transactions, online banking, and related services are a good fit for platforms such as the 7100 series, according to Tellabs. The system will enable Banco Mercantil do Brasil to maintain a reliable network with redundancy and low latency, according to the systems house.

"As a financial institution, it is essential for us to have a fast and reliable network that enable us delivering high availability that is critical to our operations [sic]," said Lauro Wilson, technology executive director of Banco Mercantil do Brasil. "Not only does the new network address Banco Mercantil do Brasil's needs today, but it will be able to grow with us over time to meet the future demands of tomorrow."

The bank has 171 branches and three business units, distributed throughout major urban centers of the country, mainly in Minas Gerais State and Sao Paulo State country side. The bank also has a branch in Grand Cayman Island.

"Financial institutions need a network that can meet their increasing demands for reliable, high-bandwidth, and low-latency network services that offer instant connectivity," said Alberto Barriento, vice president, Latin American and Caribbean Sales, at Tellabs. "Leveraging our experience on similar cases with other customers worldwide, Tellabs has experienced support personnel to ensure that our customers always have access to our expertise and help."

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