GTS Energis upgrades core and metro networks with Ciena

Jan. 14, 2009
JANUARY 14, 2009 -- Polish alternative communications carrier GTS Energis is enhancing its core optical backbone and metro networks with Ciena's CoreStream Agility Optical Transport System and CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform.

JANUARY 14, 2009 -- Ciena Corp. (search for Ciena) today announced that GTS Energis is enhancing its core optical backbone and metro networks in Poland with Ciena's CoreStream Agility Optical Transport System and CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform. Ciena partnered with NextiraOne, Europe's leading expert in communications services and a Ciena BizConnect partner in Poland, to deploy the equipment across the GTS network.

GTS Energis, one of the largest alternative communications carriers serving the Polish enterprise market, offers integrated communications services, including voice, Internet, and data, to more than 7,000 business customers across Poland. Its countrywide optical network is designed as a ring structure with key network points linked in at least two ways to guarantee service continuity.

"We've been able to benefit from Ciena's high-performance solutions combined with NextiraOne's expertise in delivering communications services," reports Rafal Budweil, chief operating officer of GTS Energis. "Ciena's CoreStream platform enables us to rapidly extend capacity in a cost-effective manner, while the CN 4200 provides us with the flexibility to support multiple service types on a single platform."

GTS Energis upgraded its core backbone network using Ciena's CoreStream to interconnect more than 10 regional and city networks, including Warsaw, Krakow, Wroc?aw, and Pozna?, with multiple 10-Gbps links. GTS Energis says the platform provides unprecedented service flexibility and bandwidth scalability to deliver services such as Ethernet, SDH, and OTN on demand to support growing bandwidth requirements from corporate customers nationwide. Additionally, CoreStream delivers international connectivity for GTS Energis, linking Poland to the GTS Central Europe network via nodes in Germany and Ukraine.

CoreStream's ability to deliver high reliability and service availability enables GTS Energis to support its customers' mission-critical applications with the utmost resiliency and superior Service Level Agreements (SLAs), adds the service provider. And, with its modular architecture, CoreStream provides GTS Energis the flexibility to add capacity incrementally and pay only for additional bandwidth when needed, with the ability to scale up to 3.2 Tbps.

To improve scalability and flexibility in the metro network, GTS Energis also deployed Ciena's CN 4200 platform to build new regional and metro links to interconnect its own data centre, as well as customer data centres, across the main metropolitan areas. The CN 4200 platform enables GTS Energis to support a variety of enterprise services, including MEF-based Carrier Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and storage, as well as business continuity, ranging from 10 Mbps to 40 Gbps.

The CN 4200 combines standards-based OTN technology (based on ITU G.709) with software-programmable optical ports to allow GTS Energis to support multiple services on-demand and rapidly respond to changing customer requirements. Furthermore, with the CN 4200, multiple services can be groomed and aggregated onto a single wavelength to deliver more efficient bandwidth utilization.

"In today's business environment, enterprise users continue to demand more bandwidth, more flexibility, and greater network reliability," explains Francois Locoh-Donou, general manager and vice president of Ciena in EMEA. "Our solutions enable GTS Energis to meet those needs of its enterprise customers with the resiliency and scalability they require to support mission-critical applications, and the flexibility to change services on-demand."  

"With the support of our partner, NextiraOne, Ciena's solutions continue to gain momentum in the Polish market among service providers, public sector organizations, and research and education institutions that are looking to dramatically improve their network efficiency and performance," Locoh-Donou concludes.

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