MRV's provisioning and management tool centralizes management of Carrier Ethernet networks

OCTOBER 22, 2009 -- MRV's Pro-Vision software leverages the OptiSwitch product family to support intelligent Carrier Ethernet demarcation deployments.

OCTOBER 22, 2009 -- MRV Communications has announced Pro-Vision, a provisioning and network management software platform for simplified deployment and proactive management of Carrier Ethernet network devices. MRV offers a full line of packet-optical transport (P-OTS), Carrier Ethernet, 40G networking, and out-of-band networking products.

Carriers must support the changing demands of existing customers while adding new customers and services in an efficient manner. The ability to quickly roll out new service offerings from a central location allows service providers to quickly react to market changes for high-bandwidth network services and market pricing fluctuations, enhancing customer loyalty and reducing customer churn. The Pro-Vision network management software is designed to offer service providers and carriers of any size and footprint tools to maximize equipment investments and streamline everyday network operations.

"Today's networks are constantly evolving and carriers need a way to monitor the varying devices throughout the network," explains Noam Lotan, chief executive officer of MRV Communications. "The Pro-Vision platform is a game-changer for forward-thinking carriers who can leverage this provisioning flexibility to streamline network management and deployment, positioning themselves for the next generation of advanced services being demanded by their customers."

The Pro-Vision software platform is GUI-based and allows service provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting tasks to be performed from an easy-to-use, centrally located network management application. The software supports predefined individual service profile components that can be used to build new services offerings efficiently, reducing time-to-revenue.

Autodiscovery functionality allows the software to quickly locate all OptiSwitch devices on the network and add the devices to the network. It takes a detailed inventory of all devices, ports, interfaces, and Ethernet virtual connections (EVCs) and provides network operators with a graphical definition of management domains, customers, and services. Pro-Vision complements MRV's OptiSwitch 900 series of service demarcation units including the OS904, OS906, OS910, OS910-M, OS912, and OS930 with a point-and-click interface.

The Pro-Vision platform can expand to encompass end-to-end provisioning and management for all MRV Carrier Ethernet demarcation and transport devices including all OptiSwitch 900 demarcation series and the OptiSwitch 9000 metro aggregation series.

"As Carrier Ethernet services increasingly extend across access, metro, and long-haul networks and across multiple types of network equipment, carriers are looking for provisioning and management software that will also extend across the end-to-end Ethernet network," notes Sterling Perrin, senior analyst at Heavy Reading. "MRV's Pro-Vision puts the company in an excellent position to meet these new carrier requirements."

The Pro-Vision software platform supports Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards-based operations, administration, and support (OAM) features to ensure service-level agreements (SLAs) are being met. The software enables end-to-end service visibility, connectivity fault management, and performance measurements of defined SLAs. Scalable to support very large networks, Pro-Vision supports high availability features for critical production networks.

Utilizing the fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) model, Pro-Vision can provide network operators with detailed connectivity and performance information allowing for proactive network management and troubleshooting in the event of a network error.

The software also provides multilevel security for individual users with use-based views and actions. The software includes authorization schemes with support for users, groups, roles operations, and object views. With user audit trails, the Pro-Vision software provides SNMPv3, IPv6, and SSHv2 standard-compliant secure transport.

It provides multiple views including physical network configuration, logical path configuration, network alarms, and performance monitoring. Each view offers customized labeling, sort, criteria, and filters for each service type. Pro-Vision supports a variety of computing platforms and operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Solaris, providing visibility from virtually any network browser.

Pro-Vision will be on display during Supercomm (Chicago, IL, Oct. 21-23) at the MRV booth #1925 and is available now.

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