Telindus launches Carrier Ethernet service offering

MAY 22, 2009--Working with Juniper Networks and ADVA Optical Networking, Telindus is bringing to service providers a variety of Ethernet products as well as maintenance, support, design, consultancy, and proof-of-concept services.

MAY 22, 2009--Telindus (search Lightwave for Telindus), a network integration specialist, has unveiled its Carrier Ethernet service offering, which it says will "enable service providers to respond to growing consumer and business demand for increased bandwidth and flexibility."

Working with Juniper Networks (search Lightwave for Juniper Networks and ADVA Optical Networking (search Lightwave for ADVA Optical Networking), Telindus' new service offering brings to service providers a variety of Ethernet access and demarcation platforms, Ethernet services routers, maintenance, support, design, consultancy, and proof-of-concept services that support the delivery of next-generation connectivity and applications.

The recent growth of media-rich content, distribution of files via peer-to-peer, and content destined for mobile endpoints has resulted in many legacy networks -- such as ATM, leased lines, or frame relay -- struggling to cope with data volumes. In turn, this has driven increased demand for next-generation networks based on packet-switched technology.

Utilizing ADVA Optical Networking's FSP 150 family of Ethernet access products and Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet services routers, combined with Telindus' design and consultancy services, service providers can rapidly deploy new products to facilitate new demand for scalable bandwidths, from less than 2 Mbps to more than 10 Gbps. This, says Telindus, will help to support customer retention and increase the opportunity for new revenue generation.

"The delivery of intelligent Carrier Ethernet services is rapidly becoming a critical element of a service provider's product portfolio," says Christoph Glingener, chief technology officer at ADVA Optical Networking. "This new partnership will ensure that service providers meet their customers' demands, enabling the delivery of increased bandwidth across the last mile with unparalleled flexibility, control, and management."

To encourage technical innovation, Telindus has also developed a state-of-the-art Ethernet demonstration and proof-of-concept facility, which will give service providers the opportunity to test new products and services, attend demonstrations, and see various technologies in action. Based at Telindus UK's headquarters, the facility has 10-Gigabit Ethernet traffic generation and testing capabilities and dual 25-km in-facility fiber access spans, enabling service providers to replicate existing services based on IP, MPLS, optical, and Ethernet transport technologies and identify and solve issues.

"Only with the correct support in place can the transformation to a next-generation network be achieved. Building on Belgacom's experience with its own Carrier Ethernet network and Telindus' technical expertise, we hope to make service providers' path to rolling out Carrier Ethernet as smooth as possible," says Simon Parry, product manager of the Service Provider Division at Telindus.

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