TierOne enSEMBLE 6.0 provides carrier Ethernet, SAN support

JANUARY 25, 2007 -- TierOne OSS Technologies claims its new management suite optimizes service providers' use of next-generation SONET/SDH multiservice provisioning platforms (MSPPs).

JANUARY 25, 2007 -- TierOne OSS Technologies Inc., an OSS consulting, integration, and technology specialist, has launched the latest release of TierOne enSEMBLE, extending the transport network management suite to support Carrier Ethernet and storage area network (SAN)-based services.

TierOne enSEMBLE says it is the only transport network management suite that delivers complete out-of-the-box support for the majority of available next-generation SONET/SDH network elements, including those from Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Fujitsu, and Nortel. TierOne plans to take advantage of the suite's network element (NE) adapter technology to rapidly roll out support for other key SONET/SDH equipment vendors on an ongoing basis.

Currently undergoing laboratory certification at a major U.S. telecommunications carrier, the enhancements to enSEMBLE 6.0 offer key benefits to today's communications service providers, says the company. Features include:

  • Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), which allows service providers to allocate SONET network bandwidth more efficiently when transporting Carrier Ethernet-based services.
  • Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS), which allows service providers to dynamically manage the reconfiguration of virtual concatenation groups without affecting any data that is being carried.
  • Fibre Channel/FICON support, which enables service providers to offer SAN-based optical transport connectivity for those customers requiring direct data center network interconnections over SONET and DWDM.

"The enSEMBLE 6.0 release significantly improves the extent to which SPs can optimize their utilization of fiber assets," asserts Richard Huffman, director of product management. "For example, a 1 Gbit/sec Ethernet-over-SONET service using VCAT can deliver utilization rates of over 90%, compared to traditional SONET utilization rates of just 34%," he says.

TierOne enSEMBLE is a component-based architecture that delivers a range of transport network management capabilities to SPs and very large enterprises, including:

  • Multilayered transport network support: Ethernet, SONET/SDH, DWDM, and TDM, spanning the access, metro, and core network domains.
  • Network activation/discovery: Intelligent service activation, discovery, and reconciliation.
  • SLA performance management: Network service assurance supporting carrier-grade SLA monitoring and reporting.
  • Dynamic bandwidth management: Secure access that allows end customers to directly manage their on-demand bandwidth needs.
  • Enhanced grooming and load balancing support: Rich GUI-driven end-user tool to plan and execute mass migrations of circuits (thousands) with the flexibility to design diverse routes, full project audits, and rollback features.
  • Off-the-shelf NE adapters: Large deployed set of NE adapters common to transport networks worldwide, including standard adapters for the most popular configurations from Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, ECI Telecom, Ericsson-Marconi, Fujitsu, Nortel, and Tellabs.
  • Open and rapid OSS integration: Robust XML-based application programming interface (API) for integration into existing OSS environments.

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