Nortel gets mileage out of OME 6500 with three new network deals

Sept. 19, 2007
SEPTEMBER 19, 2007 -- Nortel is having a banner day, today announcing three major deals with Verizon Business; Midcontinent Communications, which serves the Dakotas region; and RASCOM, an international traffic carrier for Russian service providers, respectively.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007 -- Nortel (search for Nortel) is having a banner day, today announcing three major deals with Verizon Business; Midcontinent Communications, which serves the Dakotas region; and RASCOM, an international traffic carrier for Russian service providers, respectively.

Verizon Business is deploying the Nortel Metro Ethernet Networking portfolio across Europe and Asia-Pacific using the Nortel Optical Multiservice Edge (OME) 6500 as a wideband digital crossconnect to deliver transport convergence for Verizon's TDM and packet services, which are available in 17 European countries and four countries across Asia. Services enabled by the Verizon Business global IP network, including rapid and secure connectivity among multiple locations and improved Ethernet access, are designed to help businesses increase their productivity.

The OME 6500 convergence platform, used for next-generation optical convergence, features crossconnect switching granularity together with growth capacity, modularity, and Ethernet capability to enable nodal optimization, speed up end-to-end networking, and provide a route to seamless migration to transport TDM and packet-based Ethernet services.

Midcontinent Communications also is using Nortel's Metro Ethernet technology to expand its network. Midcontinent provides triple-play services to more than 200 communities in the Dakotas.

As part of the network expansion, Midcontinent is building out an end-to-end solution based on innovative Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) Ethernet technology to securely transport voice, video, and data over a single network. The upgraded network will also rely on the OME 6500 and the Optical Metro 3500, both with RPR capabilities; the Optical Metro 5200 DWDM line system; and the Communications Server 2000, a Nortel Carrier voice over IP (VoIP) superclass soft-switch. Nortel is also providing optical site implementation and network engineering from the Global Services portfolio.

Finally, RASCOM is delivering new high-bandwidth VPN and Internet access services using Nortel's CPL-series (Common Photonic Layer) and OME 6500. The services are enabled by the recently completed RASCOM high-speed Helsinki-to-Stockholm network segment. RASCOM and Nortel have worked together since 1993. This latest extension to RASCOM's optical network enables the company to carry network traffic from Russia through Finland and Sweden using the extended optical backbone to link Russia's central region with Central European countries via Scandinavia.

The current network connects Moscow, Helsinki, and Stockholm with a high-speed backbone route that delivers network capacity up to 720 Gbits/sec and scalable to 40 Gbits/sec, enabling high-bandwidth multimedia services in Russian and European cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Frankfurt, and London, where traffic is concentrated and demand is highest.

"RASCOM delivers highly reliable services for carriers and our network development reflects the continued growth of traffic exchange between Europe and Russia," says Vitaly Kireev, general director, RASCOM. "The opening of our network section from the Finnish-Russian border to Stockholm is significant as it is the first segment of our network to be located outside the Russian Federation. And we are using it to add new virtual private network circuit and backbone Internet-access services to RASCOM's service portfolio."

The RASCOM network extension includes DWDM equipment installed at the Buslovskaya railway station at the border between Russia and Finland and the network then follows the fiber optic route to Stockholm. The creation of the route to Stockholm is the third stage in RASCOM's network extension plan.

"This deployment is an important step for developing Russian-European telecommunications traffic exchange and Nortel's optical technology was essential to completing this project," notes Evgueni Lissitsin, Nortel country manager for Russia, CIS & Baltics. "With future development in mind, RASCOM has also selected an optical solution that can grow with the company and deliver 40-Gbit/sec services when the time is right."

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