Fujitsu debuts new 'flagship' FLASHWAVE product

June 4, 2007
JUNE 4, 2007 -- Fujitsu's new FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform integrates advanced Ethernet, ROADM, and SONET functionality, say company representatives.

JUNE 4, 2007 -- Fujitsu Network Communications (search for Fujitsu Network Communications) today announced what it claims is a new class of optical networking equipment--the Packet Optical Networking Platform (Packet ONP)--to provide modular integration of Ethernet, ROADM, and SONET transport technologies built on a single, addressable optical networking class element. Fujitsu says it is introducing the definitive implementation of the Packet ONP in its new optical networking flagship, the FLASHWAVE 9500 platform.

According to Fujitsu representatives, the company is defining a new generation of optical networking equipment to create a solid foundation for delivering the Connected Experience--a new set of high-bandwidth, high-quality, packet-centric multimedia services such as on-demand high definition television (HDTV), multimedia Internet experiences, and interactive enterprise collaboration. The FLASHWAVE 9500 platform applies time-tested optical networking technology to satisfy packet-centric aggregation and transport needs and allow service providers around the world to build networks that support manageable scalability, says the company.

"We are seeing the emergence of a new category of optical product that combines photonics, Ethernet packets, and SONET in a single device," notes Sterling Perrin, senior analyst at Heavy Reading. "We see optical networking for packets as the biggest trend in optical networking in 2007, and this is likely the most significant development in optical since the advent of the multiservice provisioning platform [MSPP] back in 1999."

Fujitsu says the FLASHWAVE 9500 patent-pending universal switch fabric technology provides complete system modularity that allows service providers to leverage:
• ROADM technology to economically deliver bulk bandwidth with operational simplicity;
• Connection-oriented Ethernet transport technology to deliver private-line quality Ethernet aggregation and connectivity services;
• Next-generation SONET technology to support the full range of network services; and
• The operational robustness of optical networking, including transport-class software and database management, management interface functionality, precision fault sectionalization, and other capabilities.

The innovative switch fabric allows both SONET-based traffic and packet-based traffic to be switched, groomed, and managed in its native format without any form of circuit-emulation technology, says the company. The FLASHWAVE 9500 system will support pseudowire and MPLS technologies to deliver connection-oriented Ethernet and provide private-line equivalent QoS in a unified Ethernet services network. This global platform also debuts a ROADM offering that delivers full ROADM operational simplicity and optical transmission performance at a what Fujitsu claims is a breakthrough density and cost-point.

"Our new FLASHWAVEA9500 Packet ONP was built from the ground up to take advantage of significant technology advances in ROADM integration, ASIC technology, packet processing, and system software," contends Rod Naphan, vice president of access and data planning at Fujitsu Network Communications. "The platform is the industry's densest optical networking platform, supporting 480G of SONET or packet bandwidth in only one third of a rack," he adds. "The platform integrates full ROADM functionality by supporting a two-degree, 40G-ready ROADM in one quarter of a shelf, while allowing easy expansion to multiple degrees. The platform exists in stark contrast to competing products that are simply a retrofit of existing architectures that were designed several years ago."

The FLASHWAVE 9500 platform is supported by Fujitsu's suite of management tools, including the NETSMART500 craft user interface, NETSMART 1500 Element Management System (EMS), and the NETSMART 2000 planning tool.

According to the company, key applications include:
• Triple-play networks: The FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP is well suited for metro transport and aggregation networks for triple-play services,leveraging the platform's integrated ROADM transport for bulk bandwidth delivery and high-capacity packet aggregation to eliminate several costly elements from today's network architectures.
• Consolidated core metro/regional networking: The platform integrates and collapses complete ROADM and NG
ADM devices into a single network element with next-generation grooming capabilities for general purpose, high-capacity core networking. At the same time, the system provides more scalable support for a growing Ethernet infrastructure.
• Consolidated Ethernet services networks: The system supports the full range of E-Line and E-LAN services, as well as today's popular Ethernet over SONET services, allowing service providers to consolidate their Ethernet services infrastructure.
• Wireless Backhaul: As wireless/mobile backhaul networks transition from TDM-based networks toward Ethernet-based facilities,the FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP provides an idea Ivehicle to manage latency-sensitive applications due to unified support for native TDM and connection-oriented Ethernet.

"Service providers are looking for purpose-built packet optical platforms with lower costs that complement feature-rich service platforms to help create scalable multimedia networks," explains EEve Griliches, program manager for telecom equipment at IDC. "Fujitsu has delivered a solid architectural implementation with their FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP. This integrated-fabric architecture marries Ethernet, SONET/SDH and optics in a scalable and manageable platform that top-tier providers have been requesting for their next-generation networks," she contends.

The FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP will be on display in the Fujitsu booth (No. 4043) during the upcoming NXTcomm 2007 conference and exhibition in Chicago, June 19-21, 2007.

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