ECOC 2023: Open XR Forum to host intelligent, coherent pluggable symposium

Oct. 1, 2023
The forum will showcase new specifications and use cases.
GLASGOW, Scotland—Open XR Forum, a multi-source agreement (MSA) working group for XR optics that’s developing the emerging point-to-multipoint coherent pluggable transceiver technology, will host a symposium on October 3 during the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC).

This symposium will feature the latest transceiver specifications, including thermal, mechanical form factor and electro-optical characteristics.

The symposium will highlight multi-vendor use cases, including full-featured host-independent management, multipoint aggregation, and high-speed business services over passive optical network (PON) infrastructures.

Open XR Forum symposium member speakers include:

·       Mark Watts, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Verizon

·        Harald Bock, VP, Network & Technology Strategy, Infinera

·        Andrea Di Giglio, Systems Specialist at Telecom Italia Lab, TIM

·        Kevin Driscoll, VP, Strategic Sales, LightRiver

·        Andrew Lord, Sr. Manager, Optical Networks Research, BT

·        David Hillerkuss, Director, Open XR Forum

·        José Manuel Rivas-Moscoso, Optical Transport Innovation Technical Lead, Telefónica CTIO

·        Dave Welch, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Infinera

The Open XR Forum has continued to make progress with its mission.

In March, the forum demonstrated long-haul point-to-point transmission between QSFP56-DD coherent transceivers over 1,400 km at 400 Gbps using 16QAM modulation, as well as an error-free performance at 300 Gbps using 8QAM modulation over a span of 2,495 km. In addition to demonstrating long-reach performance equal to or greater than current state-of-the-art transceivers, this is the first published demonstration of an advanced management method that enables management and control of optical transceiver functions independently from the host equipment.

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